Type 1 and kindergarten.... nervous :/

My daughter will be going to kindergarten in September. She was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and I have been the only one to take care of her and do her insulin injections other than my oldest daughter. I am very nervous about sending her to school. I have a meeting with the teacher and nurse at the school this summer to prepare for the upcoming year. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this easier for the both of us? She has a pump but does not know how to do her injections with it. She does however do her own finger prick and know what range is good for her and what to do if she is high or low. Unfortunately she does not recognize the side affects of the highs and lows. I guess I am more nervous than her but I want this to be a good experience for her so she enjoys going :slight_smile:

Hello Carolina,

I can share with you our experience with kindergarten, my son is DT1 since October 2012, now he is almost 4 years. when he was 3 years we decide to enter him in Kindergarten, we were very nervous and very very scary to something will happen to him. our 1st kindergarten was not good for him. the teacher don’t give a special attention to him (you knew check his blood soogar, give him injection,…), his blood sugar was very bed. we change to another one but this time what I did a small presentation to all the staff (I can send it to you), I show them how to check, how to use the pump,… and I assist them in his 1st month, now after 1 year is “ok”, the teachers adjust the carbos calclulation, they knew how to correct hypo & hyperglycimia alone we are very happy for that.
for my son more confident, feel good, happy… he practices Gymnastic also.
I know what you feel, but you should let her go to meet another friends and start her life, this is our experience.
please feel free to ask questions if you have.
if you want to send you the rpesentation I did just send me your Email, this is mine:
is not the perffect one but just to give you idea or you can make it better :wink:
good luck and don’t worry she will be good.
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my son was diagnosed with T1D in kindergarten. He is now in the second grade. With anything new, there will be bumps in the road, however with a good nurse, and a strong 504 your daughter will learn to manage T1D at school. Our endocrinologist is the one who familiarized us with the 504 plan. This is a legal document explaining the illness, while providing a written plan for your child’s care. The 504 can remain with your child through college. My son’s plan lists the expected protocal for treating highs/lows, testing environments, what to do in an emergency, and several other crucial items for his well being. He also did not recognize highs/low early in the diagnosis, this is something kids get used to. Also, communicate with the school nurse, let them know your expectations and work with the nurse to create a solid care plan for your daughter.
Good luck!

I teach in an elementary school. Call the school and ask them what information you need to bring with you to set up a 504 plan. This is a plan for students with special needs that sets the guidlines for your daughters daily routine and needs at school. You need to discuss a good school plan with your daughter’s endo. Take that information along with any other required documentation to the meeting this summer. I would go ahead and ask for this meeting to officially be a 504 meeting. I also think it would be good for your daughter to have a chance to meet the school nurse before school starts. I have had a parent of a T1 leave a pencil box containing glucose gel, juice boxes, and crackers for me to keep in my desk as well as one for the art and p.e. teachers to keep as well. School nurses provide training to school staff on caring and needs for a type 1 diabetic. 504 meetings are only required to be held once a school year, but keep in mind that it is a parent’s right to call one whenever you feel you need to address something or make changes. Google 504 and type 1 and you can begin to familiarize yourself with this process. I hope this helps.

Thank you everyone for the help. We have an appointment with her endo coming up so I will be asking about her 504. :slight_smile: