Type 1 and pregnancy healthy eating?


Can anyone offer advice on healthy eating during a pregnancy as a type 1, and I also already follow a low sodium, low protein and low potassium diet>



Beth Brown

Hey Beth,

Do you have renal problems?  Is that why you're on a low sodium, low protein, low potassium diet?  Best of luck if you are.  I'm sure you know to consult a nephrologist or specialist to ask how your condition could affect your pregnancy.

Since I've never been pregnant before (and never will - since I'm a guy haha) I have three normal recommendations:

CGM (for stable blood sugars)

Pre-natal vitamins (of course)

Omega 3 supplements (You may want to stick with a blue algae supplement instead of fish oil since fish oil supplements can contain some amount of mercury)

BEST OF LUCK!  Keep those blood sugars stable.  :)

Thanks!! And yes had some renal problems last year, medication has been keeping everything excellent! i just want to make sure everything stays excellent!

Thanks again!!