Type 1 and sexual health

Hi everyone am @Ibrah 22years old, i have been diabetic for 3 yrs i’m great to find you guys here you are all inspiring me…, I just wanted to know how diabetes affect as men with diabetes do i have to get kids early?? Or just wait to complete university? Advice please…

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Hi @Ibrah and welcome to TypeOneNation. The best advice I ever got was this: “keep your blood sugar under control and you will have the same life as everyone else.” My wife and I had our child when I was 44, about 30 years after I was diagnosed with T1, because only then was my life and my mind and my relationship right for it. Take care of yourself.

Untreated, diabetes will affect everything in your body. Everything that needs blood circulation is at risk of damage. So again, take care of your blood sugar.


Thanks @joe for your advice

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Hello @Ibrah, I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. I was married in 1964 when I was 24. My wife and I had two sons born in 1966 and 1969. They were perfectly normal, and they do not have diabetes.


Diabetic 50 years. Yep, five-O. No impact. Stay active. Stay active. Use the latest tech to control your blood sugar.

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@JimMcWilliams Hi Jim, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation forum! I’m looking forward to hearing some ‘bits of diabetes’ wisdom that you’ve gathered through your 50 year journey.

Also, congratulations for leading your no impact and active life. You will run into several Members here who have also lived through 50 years with diabetes, I’m in my 64th, who offer encouragement and suggestions to the newly diagnosed, and those many PWD who are struggling.

Thank you Dennis. Appreciate the response. Things have changed for us over the past (I hate to say it) half century plus. I use a T-Slim X2 & G6.

Yes Jim @JimMcWilliams, many, many changes - and for the better. I remember waiting a couple of days to get the blood sugar test results and paying a day’s wage for each test.

I too use a Tandem t-Slim x2, Dexcom G6 and have had the Control IQ algorithm active since last January - really awesome, and almost “hands off”.

Love it too. My first pump ever.

Couple juice boxes on the nightstand and get after it brother!