TYPE 1 athletics brand (hopefully!)

Hey guys!

I have been thinking about starting a clothing line named "Type 1 Athletics" it would be a regular athletic clothing line with a focus on technology and equipment implements in athletic clothing (shirts with inside pockets built for monitors or pens that could double for devices like GPS/cell phones and other technology creature comfort devices. The cool part is that it would raise awareness of our disease's name (how many times do you guys have to explain what type 1 is? For me its enough to get agitated lol) and the company would donate a percentage of each item sold, to the JDRF for research and especially for grants aimed towards educational programs and camps for children and youth-peers.

I am still in the babay steps of making this company, getting my copyrights filed and starting my fundraising organization "CLIMB TO L1VE" but i wanted to start offering you guys t-shirts for a cost of roughly $7 per shirt. This charge will be just a cover of the cost of my first bulk order from customink.com which i will be making once i have at least 20-30 people who are interested in purchasing a shirt for around $5-10. I will be setting up an Etsy.com account and paypal account for these transactions and will let you guys know when everything is ready for me to accept any payment and to ship every order. If my tax return is large enough however, i will be able to offer these shirts to you guys for free! So cross your fingers! Please post if you have any interest in a shirt and i will get in contact with you more directly once all the stones are in place as they say!

Here is a basic blue print of the shirt (still getting my copyright for it, takes annoyingly long!) The front is the electron configurations of hydrogen, oxygen,carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. These are the 5 basic elements of all American made insulin (some foreign companies do not use sulfur) and also include the 3 elements for the compound Glucose! On the back is the name of the company, HOPEFULLY, to come down the road. Thanks for reading and as i said respond if you're interested!

Here is the shirt design:

Please contact me at t1climb2live@yahoo.com if you have any e-mails or suggestions you would like to share!


Hi Scott, count me in :)