Type 1 Bullying - Setting the Record Straight

Check out this video about kids with type 1 diabetes getting bullied in school http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8_OPMvLsRM


I watched the video you had posted and was quite upset that any of us would have to go through that. I hope that someday situations like this would happen and that "NORMAL" would just leave us alone and let us be ourselves. What happend in the video is absoulty riduclous and quite hurtful and I would like to be able to let the girl in the video that not everyone is like that and there are alot of people around the world that knows what she goes through and we are there to help her, like everyone on this site. And I hope that she reported the kids to someone and they were punished quite hard as well as possibly re-educated about being T1.


Gina,Thank you for this Post.I was again just yesterday trying to refer someone to youtube,to go to type 1.That way maybe they will get it.I wish they would do one for parents of type 1,I have had things said to me that made me feel less of a parent.My daughter has had her share of hurtful remarks too. I do hope we can see more type1 on tv,showing this is a condition,not the person.type 1 does not own anyone.

Gina, Watched this again,you feel so much for the girl with type 1,but in the end she makes things so clear. Do you have anymore to watch like this ?

Thats sad ): And unfortunately many of us know how that feels.

But I DO L-O-V-E the way at the end she's basically like "B****, PLEASE!"

I wish they showed these comercials on television in the United States. Thank you for posting the video Gina.

thanks for posting this! i wish that there was commercials like that here in the US!

Thx for posting this. Maybe it will come in handy someday. Oh btw I just found out today that my school is the school that has the most criminally charged people in the state. lol.

I will look around for more videos like this


Yay! Gina to the rescue again. lol.