Type 1 Chicagoans?


I'm trying to meet some fellow type 1's in the chicago area.

Maybe start a support group even?  It would be great to share tips and make new friends! :)

I am a type I living in Chicagoland (Streeterville). Drop me a line if you want to chat about anything. 





I live in the near burbs of chicago. My name is Emily and Im in grad school. I've had Type 1 for 11 years now!

hey- i'm 26 and have been type 1 for 23 years now... i recently moved back to chicago from nyc after finishing grad school. the move was mainly due to a load of health problems associated with the diabetes that i'm still trying to figure out. anyway, i think a support group is a great idea. i actually just registered a support group on meetup.com for type 1 diabetics. please join if you're interested or, if any of you want to meet up in the meantime (group isn't scheduled until march 15th), please give me a holler! -manya