Type 1 Diabetes and Hot Weather

I can’t believe it took me so long to think about this but does anyone know if hot weather effects our bg? See I live in the Arizona desert, it’s a dry heat and our winter is the temperature of most places summer (the other night it was 80°,at night lol). I spend most of my days in the AC and it’s “winter” so I don’t have to worry too much yet. However in summer it gets up to 125°, it’s so hot that even a breeze feels like a blow dryer on a hot setting. I’m becoming more active again since finding out and im worried that the extreme weather might cause an extreme change in my bg. I really want to be able to go off-roading, or have fun at the river but heat stroke is very real here and im worried it’ll lower my bg by a lot. Does anyone know what I can expect? Thanks in advance for any insights :slight_smile:

Hi Jeanne,

Yes! It will impact your BG. My mom (T1 for 40 years) says heat can make her levels increase or decrease - seemingly at random. I have heard that dehydration from sweating too much can make your BG increase, so its just something to keep an eye out for. In my short time at a T1D, I don’t have too much experience in this area, but I have considered buying something to keep my insulin cool when its too hot. That seems like I have looked at the water activated cooling packs (Frio brand I think), and I may buy one when we get closer to summer.

Yes Jeanne @JeanneMS weather, changes in temperature, barometric pressure change can all affect your blood sugar; and as seasons change [YES, even in Florida seasons change] your insulin needs MAY change.
when I encountered this 40 or so years ago and reported it to the doctor he in effect told me I was dreaming; since then we have done a few studies and find this to be true. What happens, I believe, is that your body absorbs and utilizes insulin at differing rates and most probably your body processes foods differently in cold weather than it does in warm [hot] weather. In the magazine along with insulin [pump] adjustment tips for changes to and from daylight time there is often a note about insulin need changes with the season.
You will need, probably after your honeymoon, to observe whether you need either more of less insulin when temperatures change - not all of us are affected in the same direction. I need more insulin in the cooler temperatures even though my activity levels increase.

My whole body gets a “prickly” feeling(like under my skin) and my flesh turns incredibly pink in hot weather. Does anyone know if it’s T1D related or just me growing up/living in a really cold rainy state.

Hi @GloomySunday96,
I snow skied at least two days a week in really cold weather and often took a Florida vacation [I have now lived full time in Florida for 18 years] and never noticed my skin turning pink - and I now ride my bike year round in heat.

I do notice a “prickly” feeling when my BG is going low - I use that feeling, if I’m thinking right, as a sign that I should check my BG.

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I guess my body is just weird than haha. Thank you for the reply :):grin:

@JeanneMS I def suffer from high VS when out in the heat, and it seems like the hotter it is the higher I get. Try drinking ice water to help.

Hi, Jeanne! I live in Arizona as well (I moved here last summer) and I could tell you that this hot weather definitely changed my insulin needs. At first, it was weird because I couldn’t find the right dosage, and because the heat also makes my blood pressure and BG go very low :roll_eyes:
In my case increasing my carbs intake during the day seems to be enough to help me go through it.
Hope this helps. Good luck! :hugs:

Thanks @lupiriz that helps a lot! :relaxed: