Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Illness

Hey! I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on September 11, 2000. For a long time this was my only medical diagnosis until 2014. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, EDNOS, Major Depression, and anxiety. I was pretty confused to learn I have multiple mental illnesses, but I was also happy because now I knew why I was so different from everyone else, I started to feel normal again. I hope to one day become a social worker for diabetics and children with mental illnesses.

Greetings. I was diagnosed with Anxiety in 2006 at 15 and later diagnosed with Type 1 diabeetus in 2013. I managed it for all of half a year and after several bouts of DKA, I have it moderately but still insufficiently managed. In the development and adjustment to living with said diabetes, I have had my anxiety flair up to extreme levels it hadn’t been at since 2007. I have been dealing with suicidal thoughts as well as the other symptoms associated with anxiety. I hope this little group here might be a good place to talk about how that makes us feel

I am seeing a psychiatrist and a new doctor this week in hopes of getting everything back under my control and feel sufficiently unsuicidal enough to hopefully not alarm anyone who reads this.

Hi. I am T1D and bipolar, but the bipolar comes from my mom. I am pretty well managed except under extremely stressful conditions. The problem there is that just having glucose levels out of whack adds physical stress to the body, so it complicates the mental illness. I erupt like a rocket if I am disturbed when in that state. I managed to make it to retirement, but not without losing some jobs along the way. Mental illness is still poorly received in parts of society, and not well understood by non-professionals.

A doctor worked in my doctor’s practice who treated diabetics and mental illness. It has been learned that diabetics frequently suffer from mental illness. Probably has to do with the chronic stress of having a lifelong disease.

Hi I too have T1D plus I’m bipolar, suffer from severe depression and before I was diagnosed with bi polar and depression I thought I was going “Mad” it seemed like I couldn’t control my reactions to situations around me and I had no interest in keeping up with many of my friends and family members. I am now pretty well controlled although I still have times that I just seem to explode and many times its just about something that gets under my skin enough to disrupt my normal routine. This is hard because I work in a call center taking calls from banking clients. As with the others if sugars are unstable then emotions are harder to keep within an acceptable social interactions. Some days I’m so tired of the constant fight of battling the T1D, the depression and bi polar it really does take so much out of me. And yes I’m one of us that has had thryoid problems but I had my full thryoid removed due to cancer and my thryoid levels are great. Now a days I’m taking pre start to make it through the long days. Now many may say it’s my diet, exercise. But I do eat very healthy and pretty clean and well exrecuse I haven’t really worked out in many months because of extremely low energy and that has changed in the last 9 months. I’ve been told from my medical team it can be fighting so many chronic battles on a on going basis but I just want enervy again.

Hello all. I am new to this group and I hope I might be able to connect with someone who understands what I’m going through. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 8. Then at age 20 was diagnosed with depression. From then to my current 33 year old self I am diabetic, have depression, anxiety, ADD, and hypothyroidism. I am on three different antidepressants and I continue to struggle with having a good day where I don’t cry or feel like killing myself. I do have good days and have even had good months. I am having a low time and feel as if I have no friends because I sit at home daily and wish I had someone besides my husband to take me away from my thoughts. Has anyone experienced this and how do you cope?

Like so many of you, I also suffer with mental illness. My depression has been an ongoing battle for some 40 years now. I think I became depressed just a few years after diagnosis with type 1 at age 10. I also have anxiety with blood sugar readings. How can we NOT struggle when we are told by most medical persons that our A1c must be at a certain level (or be categorized as “not well controlled”)? I remember hearing the word “compliant” (or “noncompliant”) for a number of years with regard to type 1 diabetes. I hate that terminology and feel it has no place in medicine, period. If folks had any idea of the struggle of those who take insulin and have to monitor blood glucose frequently, they would see the difficulty of this disease firsthand. Never easy to walk a mile in another’s shoes.

I have had T1 for 23 years now and hypothyroidism for about 14. I have recently been diagnosed with ptsd and depression. I was having a lot of anxiety, but was told because of ptsd. I have been on med for anxiety and depression for 6 months. It helps. It isn’t the fix all, but it does get me to therapy, out for walks, and mellow. I did have this common misconception that it would make me “happy.” It just makes life not so overwhelming for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still have off days where I cry, isolate, and do absolutely nothing. I’m learning not to beat myself up over it. I do tend to cry a lot with lows, so I try and rule that out. The other thing is unregulated thyroid hormone can make you feel crummy and depressed. I would say have that checked, but it is crazy because most doctors can’t agree on what “normal range” is. Do you feel comfortable with group therapy?

I have been trying to find a group but have been unsuccessful. I have been going to a therapist for 13 years but I really would like to have a group of friends that understand.

Hey everyone, I stumbled upon this while looking for people who understand what I’m going through. I’ve been diabetic for 12 years and in the last two have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety along with 8 years of ptsd. The combination of everything has led to poor care of my diabetes and health. I always felt bad talking about it and tend to just completely shut down. I’m looking to make a change and make some friends, who are maybe going through the same stuff, along the way. And to also help them in return. Just gotta remember we’re not as alone as we feel.

I’ve had type one for 11 years…and I’ve had a rough time for what seems forever. I started doing good for 5years then life happened and now I seem to be in a “burnout” …I just can’t seem to have enough energy or motivation to do anything to better my diabetes. I understand completely the feeling of guilt and shame about it…I’d be more than happy to speak about it with you since I don’t really know of other people who can relate either.