Type 1 Diabetes Documentary Film

 Hello everyone,

I am putting together a documentary video on life with type 1 diabetes. If you could please post a short VIDEO RESPONSE to the question below, I will be able to complete the documentary and upload it to Juvenation, the JDRF website and the ADA website in order to spread awareness and educate the public about diabetes. I'm a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic, and I'm appalled at the lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding type 1 diabetes. Once again, I can only use VIDEO RESPONSES!!! If you click the "insert video" button, you can upload your response from your computer!



The questions is:

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words "Type 1 Diabetes?"


Spread the word! The more people that respond, the more accurate and complete the documentary will be. We will be able to provide a better picture of what life with type 1 diabetes is really like and remove the stereotypes and misunderstandings.


Thank you,

Nick Camarda

Diagnosed: April 14, 2011 

It does not like videos from my computer... haha  I will try again later.

Thank you man. It means a lot