Type 1 Diabetes Finally Explained

This article just posted went viral on The Huffington Post.

My doctor gave this advice over 2 years ago since I was first diagnosed with Type 1 including many complications that companied this diagnosis . From Vision , Kidney and Nerve Disorders. But being honest with myself and maneuvering The Tight Rope. As you say in your writings. It is hard in someways , but easy in other ways. I have reversed and slowed the progression. Hopefully this will give Doctors and the Medical Field a better understanding of where we are as Type 1 Diabetics

@riva, I love the article. Great job! My mom and I had a chuckle about how my whole life I’ve been trying to explain how different T1 is from T2, and of course the first comment is a complaint from a T2. (Grumble, grumble…) Thank you for sharing this!

Thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed reading it!

@riva, you have always been a great voice for the T1D community. Thanks so much for sharing your personal story of “staying between the lines” to the world. I’m hopeful it raises “civilian awareness” of the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

I’m thrilled that so many people are sharing with friends and family. This all started when I used my Dexcom to explain to my mother what it’s like to live with type 1. Of course that sounds ridiculous, but getting it at 18, I was out of the house away at school. And 42 years ago we didn’t even have meters!

@riva, you are one of my favorite diabetes writers and 50 Diabetes Myths is a great book that has helped so many people. You did a great job in this article too. Thanks.

It really does explain diabetes! Glad your mom asked such a simple question.

Wow, I just realized @riva is the author of this article. This makes it that much more enjoyable to read, thank you!