Type 1 Diabetes Gene?

I'd Like to know about the Geneology of Type 1 Diabetes, but mainly, if it is a Dominant or Recessive Gene, So I can figure out what side of my Family I got it from.

I have wondered about this in the past too, and really there is no short answer to your question.

There are around 20 genes that can affect your risk of developing diabetes! There is even the chance that mutations can occur and causes it. Environmental factors also seem to play a big role it the development of diabetes.

You probably wont find out which side of your family had the greatest influence on your development of diabetes through Gregor Mendel's laws of inheritance. However if you want to find out if anyone in your family had Type One you can research your family tree at a local library or online.

I did this and found a great great aunt who died from a "wasting sickness" at the age of 14 in 1921.

I am the only one on either side of my family, going out to third / fourth cousins that have diabetes. It's weird.

I thing mutations cause my T1D. There is know one in my fam that we know of with T1 or T2D. I am the ONLY one.

Yeah, a number of genes have been identified.  And a lot of the more genetic types of diabetes have really different presentations.  I was reading this study yesterday that almost every single family member would have "a form" of type one diabetes.  And I agree with StilledLife, the best way to find out about family history is to go to the library and look up your family tree.

There is another thread that discusses family history, too, here:  http://juvenation.org/forums/t/571.aspx

I have done a lot of family tree investigation for my own family, but the problem is that our direct ancestors probably didn't have Type 1. Before 1921, Type 1 was usually fatal, and usually before child-bearing years. You are more likely to find the Type 1 in the siblings of your ancestors, than in the ancestors themselves. Look for the siblings of ancestors, where the sibling died as a child or as an adolescent. Then comes the hard part! Try and locate a death record. I have identified 4 or 5 siblings of ancestors who died before age 20, but I haven't found any record that shows cause of death. I'm still looking, because new info keeps coming on line.