Type 1 Diabetes in the Peace Corp?


My daughter has aspired to join the Peace Corp since middle school.  Last December she was diagnosed with T1.  I have sent a couple of inquiries to their contact page online and have not heard back. My question has been whether or not this diagnosis will disqualify her form serving in the Peace Corp.  Anybody know anybody who was diabetic and participated in the PC?



Hi Michelle,

You can tell your daughter Yes! The Peace Corp does accepts T1 Diabetics. There may be restrictions on where they send her to volunteer, but yes she can join :)

I do not personally know any T1's who joined, but I did look into when I was still in college.

Hello Happy,

Thank you for your response to My Peace Corp question.  I will be excited to share this with Rebecca. Before her diagnosis, this girl had plans!!! She was selecting her schools and major by what she thought would be most useful to serve.  She didn't mind that a school may be away from home.  She was very enthusiastic over the process and felt confidence in her direction.

It is different now.  She is quiet. She doesn't talk about going to school. She doesn't want to visit campuses.  Had to convince her to even take her SAT. All she will say is "she doesn't want to grow up".  I think there is alot going on under that quiet face, but I don't know what it is.  When I told her that I was going to email the Peace Corp and find out what affect diabetes would have on someone being accepted, she did not want me to do this.  She said that if they told her she couldn't, that would be just one more thing to be stolen from her.  Kind of shocked me because I didn't know that was how she was feeling.

One other question for you.  Again, before her diagnosis, Becca had been eating as a vegetarian with occaisional fish.  Her reasons for choosing this were varied.  But she was doing a good job of balancing her nutrients and we supported her diet.  When she came home from the hospital, we were all overwhelmed.  I asked her if she would eat the diet I was most familiar with and would be able to assist her in learning carb counting and portion yada yada.  She agreed and we have become pretty good with carbs.  She mentioned yesterday that she was ready to return to eating as a vegetarian.  I think we can handle that, but I wondered if you might have any suggestions.  If having diabetes has any particular considerations that you can share with us.

Again thanks for your reply,


I don't have advice, but I do have an awful lot of empathy. I was diagnosed this past february, in my second year of college. I've always been really mature and independent, but since february there are a lot of times when I wish that I were at home with my mommy taking care of me. It's a lot to handle being a student, learning how to be an adult, and learning how to be a pancreas...

I've been vegetarian since I was 12, and I have had no problems with it since being diagnosed. I have started eating a lot more string cheese...

I bet your mommy wants to be taking care of you as well.  I am hoping my daughter will end up close by.  Do you live in dorms or off campus?  I have been wondering how dorm students eat anything healthy when they can't cook in their rooms and the meal plans are Chik fil A and pizza parlors.