Type 1 Diabetes related T-shirts?

Who can tell me, or give me URLs for, some sites with cool T1 diabetes related t-shirts?

It would be greatly appreciated...  Thanks ~ Kristi


http://www.zazzle.com/find_the_cure_1_diabetes_t_shirts_gifts-235679552975937763  scroll down also




Go to etsy.com.  There is an artist that designed a really cool t-shirt.  The store name is 237inc.  She designed it for one of her best friends and donates a portion of the sales of this T-shirt to the JDRF.  I will be ordering a bunch more for the walk.  She came up with the best design w/o the cheesy sayings.  Hope u like it! 




That is a cool t-shirt !!

To find it, I just typed Diabetes in the search bar on this website.


Our family is developing a line of "inspirational" related diabetes t-shirts. The trademarks are in the works, so just hold on and hopefully we will have someting to show.  My email address is m4cissel@verizon.net.  I showed some of them at the CWD conference in Orlando,  and it seemed like the response was positive.  Keep in touch.


alyssa is selling shirts. they are really cool

www.theluckyg.com We have some really cute stuff and more on the way!