Type 1 diabetes

hi im new. i just got a type 1 diabetic tattoo on my wrist last week to replaces the alert bracelets. opinions?

post a picture!

I have always thought about doing that.


One of the reasons I got my tattoo (which I got to commemorate walking the camino de santiago, which was awesome) was because I spend so much time maintaining and marking my body (CGM, infusion sets)... taking care of it... that I kinda wanted to mark it another way, a way that was by choice not by obligation. Claim ownership. So even if diabetes gives me these marks and this hassle, I... got a turn to speak out. Is that too weird?

I like the idea of the medical alert symbol, it's simple, seamless. Modern. In addition to being very "safe":)

That's exactly why I got mine too-to symbolize that I was actually choosing needles instead of HAVING to use needles. Alot of people don't really understand it, but I know you guys do! :)

I've been thinking about getting another one...A girl I work with who's also diabetic was telling me about some kind of special ink they can use on diabetics. Supposedly when your blood sugar is high, the ink changes color...has anyone else ever heard of this??


it's a long way off I'm afraid : )

I'd want one with a number readout ; )

I have one. I no longer wear a medic alert necklace even though they can get my personal info from it. I have a tattoo on my left inside forearm. It's not real noticable unless I turn my arm around to show it.

Here's mine

[quote user="John"]

I'd want one with a number readout ; )


Haha!! Me too, that would be awesome! :)

Such a tatoo may soon exist. I read that someone invented a tattoo that can indicate general levels of

glucose by changing colors. At least it is a work in progress.