Type 1 Diabetes

My teenager who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is having her wisdom teeth removed next week.  She is having anastesia so I am unsure how you handle this with diabetes,  she must not eat after 12:00 am then having surgery at 9:30 am next morning.  She won't be able to eat for a while.  I got her the diabetic shake meal replacements for later but the day of surgery it will probably be difficult getting anything into her that day.

How has anyone else handed similar situations with surgery

Hi skatermom,

You can check out all of these posts about wisdom teeth: http://juvenation.org/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=wisdom+teeth

I would also check with the endo beforehand! Even though I've had D forever and know the recommendation to take 50% of your basal if you won't be eating, I check in each time I'm under anesthesia just in case to make myself feel better. (: