Type 1 Diabetic Nursing Student looking for Babysitting Job

Hi, my name is Emily. I'm 20 years old and I've been a type 1 diabetic for five years. I'm currently on the Minimed insulin pump (in purple!) but I have over four years of experience with insulin injections. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm going to be a junior in the Ohio State University Nursing program.

I've heard from parents with diabetic children that getting a good babysitter can be a challenge because few people understand everything diabetes-related. I'm looking to help out any parents in the Cincinnati or Columbus area who are in need of a reliable babysitter who knows everything about diabetes.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at viall.6@buckeyemail.osu.edu and I can tell you a little bit more about myself!


If only were in Cincinanati or Coumbus..... I guess Dover, DE is too far to commute, huh?

I am closer than Dover.......how is Sharpsville, PA?  I'm sure too far also, but what a great service you will be providing!  Good luck to you.......sorry you are not closer!

Your post almost made me want to move to Ohio.  You are so sweet to offer your services.  You are right it is difficult to find someone to take care of a child with diabetes for more than one or two hours.  I think it will also be cool for the kid you do babysit because you will be just like them!

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 5)

Thank you all for the well wishes! I hope you find a good babysitter/nanny in your area!


That is such a great way to help parents with kids with type 1!

Yeah, that's not a bad idea.


I'm in the CA central valley if anyone there needs one.  I've been T1 Since 2001, and was a camp counselor.

I am kind of fearless when it comes to the medical stuff.  This helped me get hired as an instructional assistant in the school district in my area.  District personnel are always looking for mature young people to  work with children who happen to have special needs as a one-on-one aide or as a special ed classroom aide and in California it starts at around $15 per hour and if you work 4 hours per day you get medical benefits.  You can list respite care (aka looking after people with special needs) services on the application and any letters of rec you can get from parents you work with are very valuable.  One district I worked at had me feeding children who have g-tubes and emptying caths.  They prefer to hire people who already have some experience with medications.  The nice thing is you get summers and weekends off.

I wish I could find someone like you in my area. My boys are also epileptic and high functioning autistic. Then my daughter who is a t-1. I cant trust a random person with no experience in these areas. Its hard enough to try and train family and be able to have dinner with my hubby once in a blue moon. Well and be able to relax a little.


Wow, now that's interesting.  My mother has lupus my sister is developmentally disabled with a unknown rare condition and she has lupus, hoshimotos, alopecia, and rinoes diseas (I probably spelled all of that wrong) my other sister has aspergers (which is on the autism spectrum) I always find it interesting when I hear from families that have multiple exceptional needs.  It makes me think about where chronic conditions come from. I am the only T1 in my family.  Anyway, I found value in my experiences and I really love the work I do.


Sorry I went WAY off topic.  I really hope you find a good babysitting job.  You might want to offer your services to families that have other types of special needs as well.  Parents really appreciate mature young people who have experiences that can relate to their child's condition.  There are respite care programs and the company will send you to families in their system you get paid about minimum wage and you control how much you work.  Best thing to do is continue looking for information and find what fits you.  Good luck! :)

Its interesting for me as well and makes me not feel so alone. Riley is the only t-1 in our family as well. Thankfully the boys are high functioning and we didnt find out for sure until they were 10. I knew around 8. My mother a nurse knew they were at 2. I thought she was crazy because back then I only knew what the most severe forms of autism were. I had no clue there was a spectrum and no net to educate me other wise. When they were 8 I read about autism and aspergers and just balled my eyes out because what I was reading was well them. We were in cali then and in a school that didnt have any programs for them so they just stuck them in a special day class. We moved to Colorado and they have a wonderful autism program here. I got them really far on my own but the program has helped a lot in just two years. I am actually waiting to see if a job opens up there this summer so I can apply I enjoy helping out in there so much. Plus almost every staff member tells me I need to get paid I am there so much for Riley and the boys. lol Sometimes  2-3 times a day and that doesnt count dropping them off and picking them up.

That's how my mom got started in the district.  She was volunteering for 10 years with my sister and then she applied.  It really helps having experience in your family.  It's a wonderful job that is ideal for having a family.  You work during school hours.  It also helps you understand the annual individual ed program meetings instead of getting lost in the jargon.

I'll pray for you!  I hope you get it!

Thanks, I worked on the playground at their school in cali but never as a para pro. It helps that the staff wants me to have a job there. They help with interviews for the positions in the autism room. If a opening comes up and I get it yay if not I will just keep helping out when I can or they need me.