Type 1 Diagnosed at a later age

they diagnosed me with breast cancer.

God bless, that was a double blow. I hope you are cancer free and adjusting to living with the TD1.

Diagnosed at 32 with T1!

hi @RedScarlett Rachel, welcome to Type One Nation.

Diagnosed at 55 whilst in Tenerife 17 months ago now on insulin pump omnipod I control blood sugar with lchf diet and exercise. I have managed to get my hba1c down to 52 I was told today.

Diagnosed at age 45, now 58. No family history of T1DM, a couple T2DM on the cousins sides. Purely autoimmune driven. Straight onto insulin, took me about 18 months to realize that it wasn’t going away, and started being proactive instead of reactive. It’s been quite a ride, learning how to deal with this.

I have to give an oral presentation for adults with type 1 diabetes. Could you tell me the questions, concerns you first had when diagnosed? Thanks!!

Hi @wittersk. I’m wondering where you got the info that all Type 1s have high BP? Not necessarily the case, and even where the two are present it’s more coincidental than causal. BP issues do tend to be an issue for older adults.
I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3. Thankfully since I visit my doctor quarterly they saw the rises and started treatment, but I was in my 50s, so went 40+ years with diabetes before the BP issue developed.

I’ve thought about learning to SCUBA dive but haven’t had or made the opportunity yet. I use a pump, but wouldn’t dive with it, but people do take a pump vacation and switch to injections (you need instructions on long acting insulin from your doctor).
I haven’t checked on Dexcom and Diving, but since I wear my sensor in the bath and the pool I imagine it’s safe to use at least up to a certain depth (research). While I use my pump as my G5 receiver, Dexcom has a handheld one that can be used during pump breaks. Obviously you wouldn’t want to carry that in the water, but you could store it onboard while you dive. Many of us learned to manage our diabetes for years before CGMS came along, and to recognize symptoms of highs and lows, assuming we did not have hypoglycemic unawareness .
I think I’m drifting - sorry - but if you want to dive talk with your doctor about options and whether s/he believes it is something you can do safely.

Diagnosed 6 months ago at age 66.
Gotta go to work now. Have started using a pump this week. Have had a CGM for 2 months.

Many doctors prescribe Lisinopril to diabetics, even if blood pressure is controlled, to protect the kidneys. My husband had an allergic reaction to it after one pill, so I was hesitant to take it. Since my blood pressure has been fine, I take the lowest dose possible. I had a good friend with Type 1 for over 50 years who had a kidney transplant. My husband died of kidney failure; I’d like to avoid that.

T1 diagnosed at age 55. I use a Libre 14 day CGM. It bothers me that vitamin c interferes with readings (so Im told by manufacturer) and can only take 500 milligrams per day. I like to take 2,000. Also have hard time using waterproof patch (tagaderm) so I can do water aerobics. Im tired and have lost energy. Not passionate about things like I use to be. Just venting, Thanks.

Present! 2016 misdiagnosed as T2 given Metformin sent home, till I almost died at 115 lbs, left primary care went to an endocrinologist sorted me out real quick - correct Beta cell antibody testing gave me correct treatment! Insulin which I was deprived of for a year…was like drinking in cool water coming off a hot desert it felt so good! i’m here for you if you need to tell me your story. Mary

Try Vitamin B complex should sort out dragging yourself about…i discovered in this disease 2 vitamins are really important to our energy and autoimmune - Bs and Ds…after one week I felt normal again, prior to that felt like the disease was just slowly sucking my energy dry. hope you find the answer, but know you are not alone. mary

FYI - i just learned on Friday 24th January at my endocrinologist visit at the Vanderbilt Clinic for Diabetes in Nashville, that its not in journals yet, but the latest trials or testing or research is that medicine to protect the kidneys will not be given UNLESS there are already a high protein level in the system. Otherwise - Doctors who eventually get this information will no longer prescribe the medicine to protect the kidneys. Only if significant protein levels are detected. Mary

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Interesting information about bp medicine to protect the kidneys. As far as I know, my protein levels are ok. I wonder how long it will take for other endocrinologists to get that information. Sally Ann

That only depends on who you talk to. I’ve been taking it for over 19 years now to protect my kidneys. Cheers!

Mary @Disco2, it may depend on the journals your endocrinologist is reading. In 1994 - 1995, the doctor I was seeing at Joslin explained to me “the kidney benefits” for PWD of Ace Inhibitors and started me using Altace, the brand name for the generic lisinopril. Have used a maintenance dose since then and it continues to produce a positive benefit for me.

All good feedback! Thanks for responding I’m glad to hear your outcomes are positive. Best,

Thank you very much. Ill try the Bs Im on D3