Type 1 Diagnosed at a later age

Thank you for your encouraging words. In the last six months I have started questioning why certain medications were prescribed. Fortunately I was taken off Metformin and I feel so much better. I also believe the new 670G has a lot to do with the feeling like a whole person. We battled at first but after Metronic sent me a new transmitter it’s been heaven.

You had a lot on your plate but succeeded! Congrats!! You have an amazing story. Thank you for reaching out. Stay in touch please.


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Just diagnosed in December, I’m 44. I lost 20 pounds in about a month and a half and ate everything I wanted. (Every girl’s dream come true) I also craved sugary icee drinks. I had dry mouth, constant thirst and frequent urination. I also couldnt see to save my own life. When I was diagnosed, my BS was 363 and my A1c was almost 16. I was immediately put on insulin and Metformin. For the next couple of weeks I was getting super high BS readings and my eyesight was total trash. I was up to almost 600 BS readings. I look back now and think about the things I had said and done and am pretty sure I was in DKA.

I found an awesome Endo and am in the process of getting the pump in the next couple of weeks. Typical of me, I now want to change the world and find a cure. In the meantime, I want to talk and be around others like me.


Hello, I’m 46 and was diagnosed at age 30 with T1 following the birth of my daughter. I initially had gestational diabetes and then lost weight after having my daughter. I was rapidly loosing weight and eating anything that I wanted too. After loosing more than 40lbs, I was tested and sent to the Endo to find out that I hade type 1. It was devastating at the time. This a great blog to help you realize you are not the only one later in life with this diagnosis.


Hi Cheri @cherip91 congratulations on the birth of your daughter and a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum!

No, you are not alone living with T1D and I hope you find support and encouragement on this forum in addition to helpful suggestions. And being diagnosed “later in life” is not unusual - more than 50% of people newly diagnosed with TypeOne are adult.

Diagnosed at 59 yrs and 3 months

Hi Melissa! Thanks for responding. Most postings I had seen were for children. When I asked for late bloomers I was surprised at the response. It’s nice to know that we are not alone in this battle and can share our ups and downs (highs and lows). I know I worry that one of my granddaughters will be a Type 1. Neither of my children are at this point. No relative before me was a Type 1. I guess it has to start somewhere.

Please keep in touch! Kathy

Thank you all for the great information in this post. I retired at the end of January 2018 and was diagnosed in July and 55 years old. My plan was to travel overseas during my retirement. Over the last nine months I’ve done many domestic flights but have been afraid to travel overseas. I’m leaving to Copenhagen at the end of June and I’m a little nervous. All of the info in here help me a lot!

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70 originally assumed I was type 2. Saw an Endo at 76, when options weren’t working& found out I was type 1

LADA dx at 36. Incorrect diagnosis of t2 for a year and a half before hand. I’m 37 now.

Diagnosed at 27, after being incorrectly ex as type 2 then in hospital for DKA

I am seeing a lot of people diagnosed incorrectly like me. I found out a few months ago I am type 1 after ending up in the ER. I walked around for 3 years thinking I am a type 2 and having to change medication five times. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t go to the ER that night.

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I was diagnosed at 62 at the same time they diagnosed me with t1

they diagnosed me with breast cancer.

God bless, that was a double blow. I hope you are cancer free and adjusting to living with the TD1.

Diagnosed at 32 with T1!

hi @RedScarlett Rachel, welcome to Type One Nation.

Diagnosed at 55 whilst in Tenerife 17 months ago now on insulin pump omnipod I control blood sugar with lchf diet and exercise. I have managed to get my hba1c down to 52 I was told today.

Diagnosed at age 45, now 58. No family history of T1DM, a couple T2DM on the cousins sides. Purely autoimmune driven. Straight onto insulin, took me about 18 months to realize that it wasn’t going away, and started being proactive instead of reactive. It’s been quite a ride, learning how to deal with this.

I have to give an oral presentation for adults with type 1 diabetes. Could you tell me the questions, concerns you first had when diagnosed? Thanks!!

Hi @wittersk. I’m wondering where you got the info that all Type 1s have high BP? Not necessarily the case, and even where the two are present it’s more coincidental than causal. BP issues do tend to be an issue for older adults.
I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3. Thankfully since I visit my doctor quarterly they saw the rises and started treatment, but I was in my 50s, so went 40+ years with diabetes before the BP issue developed.