Type 1 globe

If you took the world globe,and divided it up with type 1.Would you find the USA leading with the most?     

no we are third

In 2007, the five countries with the largest numbers of people with diabetes are India (40.9 million), China (39.8 million), the United States (19.2 million), Russia (9.6 million) and Germany (7.4 million).

Now you have to also know that this is ALL DIABETES, so if you think we are about 10 percent, then you'll have the relative numbers for the US (1.9 Million type 1)

Research wise, these numbers would probably be more interesting and menaingful if stated as a percentage of the entire population, that is, on a per capita basis.  There have been many studies done like this, especially in order to assess environmental influences, like diet and nutrition.  (I don't have any of these at my fingertips, but they are probably easily accessed on the web.)  I believe there was, and perhaps still, is a connection between the high incidence of diabetes and high carb diets abd obesity.  This may pertain mainly to Type 2, however.  It's a very interesting subject, and certainly one which continues to be studied in the search for a cure.

I believe that as far as percentage of the population goes, Finland is #1.  They have the highest incidence of Type 1 diabetes.