Type 1..Insulin Pump for about a month! & 9 weeks PREGNANT!

HI!..My names Megan..Im a 20 yr old with her second pregnancy..(last was a early loss) Thinking due to high A1C levels. My level now is 7.5 a BIG change from the last! after reading a lot of stories on here i thought..Well its my turn to step out and see what kinda of help i can get! I have been a type 1 sense i was 6 years old! I haven't always been able to keep myself under control untill i got my Mini Med Pump a little over a month ago! Thing are greatly improving with me and my diabetes! & now being  pregnant!! I am young yes but i am more then ready and excited!! At first i had lows and more lows! now i have crazy highs sometimes in the 300's! sometimes not so bad! But mixed with morning sickness!! Ugh nothing to be so glad to be having at the same time! It bites! I read in someones story about maybe it having to do with my hormones changing?!!?! Im starting to get nerves about this baby. I just want everything to be alright and go smooth!! My OB seems to not understand about my pump..and its very hard to have my blood sugar drop an hour after i eat! Call me crazy but it takes me about 2 hours..Maybe we are all different..but i just want some highlights on maybe what works for others that i could try!...Maybe some foods..or other things to mange better..I know i have about 3 more weeks till im out of my first trimester and im very excited to be this far! I have a lot of faith in my little one! & i am ready to take on anything that comes my way! But i must say dealing with Type 1 and pregnancy is not easy! but God wouldn't have given us these little lives inside of us all if he didn't think we could kick some major butt!! Please please please! comment on this ...It's more im reaching out  to all of you! Thank you :)


I hear you on your concerns. I found out today that we are expecting so i am 4wks and one day! Im nervous as heck! The last week or so my BS have been up and down ranging from 30 to 250. EEKK. This is my first pregnancy and im scared to pieces. I m testing my sugars every 3 hours cuz once again i having been low 200's. I m scared about M/C:( Im so early in this pregnancy and i have sooo many emotions now!  Just a lot of prayers! my a1c in june was 6.9 which isnt bad but needs to be better. But with my ups and downs these last couple of weeks im sure its up:(

Hello! :)

I wouldn't stress your self too much yet! My first pregnancy i didn't know how far i was but i did MC. But my a1c was very high! almost 9.0! but i have improved sense then to a 7.5 and i know mine will lower..But urs is good perfect if when u check it again its at 6.5! thats my goal! but my sugars dont get any higher then 200 and some so im alright feeling with that! i wish u luck! & the lows they bite sometimes too!! Are you on an insulin pump?!?

There's a great book called "Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby"


Through your pregnancy your insulin needs will change a lot, so test often (or use CGM) and correct as needed.  

It also helped me to eat same breakfast every day (wheat english muffin with peanut butter, got old but helped me adjust insulin accurately) and I dropped my target blood sugar to 80 and test often to make sure I didn't have lows.  I ate what I wanted through my pregnancy, but was also super careful to carb count so I could bolus accurately.  

There's no reason you can't have a healthy pregnancy and baby.  If your OB-GYN isn't respectful of how you're managing your diabetes or isn't helping you, I'd find another.  

Well i didn't have a choice sense im high risk and i was sent to the closest fetal medicine in my area. I'll be going in today to talk with them..I just want to make sure  the baby and i will be alright! I was looking into that book and ordered a different one! I might just got back and order it now! but thank you!

Hi Megan! I'm 20 as well, yay young mommies! Don't worry, the first trimester is HORRIBLE  as far as diabetes goes and yes it is because of hormones. But it does get better! I had such bad lows at first I had to wake up pretty much every hour to eat or I would crash. I woke up with a 27 once. :O I also had ketones once due to a bad pump site, but my OB informed me that as long as it wasn't a regular thing it was fine. I was still so worried all the time that I was hurting the baby somehow. I ended up checking myself into the hospital for a few days so I could get everything evened out. Best decision I've ever made. I found an Endocrinologist there and all he did was make adjustments like twice and I was out of there in less then a 3 days. He also switched my fast acting to novo log and since then I've had better control then I have in years.   I'm 23 weeks now and apparently baby girl is healthy as a horse and kicking the hell out of me at all times. Chin up, you just have to ride out the first trimester and be an advocate for yourself. No one knows your diabetes better then you. Work with your doctor and don't be afraid to ask too many questions. And congratulations!

:) Im feeling much better! Im on Nova log! and its great...i had some lows like that as well! i hate the middle of the night ones! there the worst! but im glad my body can wake up thats a plus! My baby is healthy and im proud! Im very excited! i only have 2 more weeks till im out of my first trimester! then i heard it all goes a little faster! im so nervous lol im ready to know what im having already! but the worst about all of this is feeliing bloated! and being backed up! i hate it..its like im all puffy i wounder when ill ever start to show! i wasnt a skinny mini when i got pregnant im pretty average..so i mean tiny girls  iknow that are 12 weeks are alreeady showing! i hope i will looke pregnant and not bloated all threw this lol! But thank you much! && ps there is nothing wrong with YOUNG MOMMIES! :)