Type 1 Insulin Resistance

My 13 year old daughter has been Type 1 for six years. She is currently not responding to short-term insulin (we have done both novolog and humalog) and the medical community has not been helpful. Has anyone else experienced this type of resistance? She doesn't have any of the physical signs of type 2 resistance. Please help if you can!!! Thanks!

A couple thoughts about your daughter's situation:

* Hormones cause insulin resistance.  It can make blood sugar control in the teen years difficult.  Especially true in the weeks before a girl gets her period.

* It may be time to adjust her carb factor and insulin sensitivity factor.  They change as a person ages.  Are her sugars high all the time or just after eating?  How high is she going?  

* If she's gained weight, she'll need a bigger dose of insulin.  

* If your daughter is using steroids (for asthma, hives) or an antihistimine they cause major insulin resistance.  

A couple other thoughts might be totally out there, but are something to consider:

* Are you physically watching her do shots or give insulin boluses with her pump?  When I was a teen I'd skip shots all the time and lie and say I'd done them.

* Celiac disease and diabetes both put a lot of  focus on food.  Any change she's sneaking snacks or binging and that's causing unexpected highs?  

Some people are just naturally more insulin resistant than others.  If she's able to lower blood sugars but it requires a lot of insulin, I wouldn't worry about it.  

Double diabetes (where a type 1 develops insulin resistance) doesn't usually occur unless a person is 1) genetically prone to it  2) very overweight  3) older.  

Let us know if you figure out something that works.