Type 1 marriage


I'm looking for info on the advisabilty and/or statistics of type 1 diabetics marrying each other.

You want to be advised on what exactly?

Are there any studies or statistics regarding the children where both

parents are type 1 diabetics. Are the odds of developing type1

increased or unchanged..

There are definitely studies out there.  Off the top of my head, I do believe it increases the chances of having a child with Type I, but not positive.


if you come across anythinh please let me know


Interesting.  I have to admit I am concerned by your use of the word "advisability."  I can't speak for any other T1D's but I know I am glad my parents had me and I sure hope they wouldn't have changed their mind about having a child if they knew I'd have the illness...  Do you think it would have made it “inadvisable” for them if they could have known there was a 100% chance I’d get it? 




Some of this topic is covered here: http://juvenation.org/forums/p/545/3519.aspx#3519


I'm sorry you misunderstood my question.What i am trying to find out if in the medical field ,are there any concerns if diabetics get married.



And I am sorry if I misinterpreted the idea that posing it as a medical concern implied a need for either medical treatment or intervention.




In regards to your second post about statistics, I read months ago from the American Diabetes Association (since I was curious) that the odds of a child whose parents both have diabetes to also develop type 1 is between 1:10 and 1:4 and I'm assuming the range of the odds is because there is an increased chance of your child born with diabetes if you were diagnosed under the age of 10 or 11???(I can't remember)  I'm pretty sure I have the stats right since I have knack for remembering numbers (years, stats, you name it), and I'm too lazy to search for it again... sorry!  So, yes the odds are increased since if you're under 25 it was around1:17 if a woman and 1:25 if a man, and if over 25, the odds were very unlikely.... I want to say 1:100 but check for yourself.

i read in a book(it was in the first few pages of 'cheating destiny' before my mom decided it was too morbid for me to read :P)that a child with a type 1 mother had a 2% chance, type 1 father 7% chance.....that's what i recall, i might be off a tad. non D parents, i think the chance was 0.? something. under 0.5, i believe. so i would think if both parents were t1 that it would be 9%?

an interesting topic, i myself have struggled with the idea of whether or not i'd be willing to date a D guy. on one hand, i'm not sure how that would go with both having it, whether it would make it easier or harder. on the other hand, i wonder at my audacity to dare to discriminate against someone just like me! how can i in good conscience do that? maybe i'll start another thread..........