Type 1 Millennials

Anyone fall into the 26yo - 39yo age range? Interested in discussing how everyone handles social situations (going out with friends, dating, work events) in relation to type 1.

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I am not in your age group. I am older. I can share what I learned from 15 years on the streets in EMS and diabetes.

Make NO EXCUSES, it is what it is. Keep folks informed. Don’t try to hide diabetes. If you crash and someone you are with calls EMS, it will help you if that person can tell the EMS crew you have diabetes and better yet, how you manage your sugar - pump, pen, shots, pills, diet only, etc. If you have a CGM, let someone know.

Next, get a medical alert device. I recommend you look at “Medic Alert Foundation”. Verify this is still correct. The IRS ruled the membership to Medic Alert can be included in your health insurance deduction if you itemize your Federal (USA) income taxes.

When I travel, I make my pump and CGM a teaching experience for the TSA officers when they want to know the reason I decline x-ray and magnetic tunnels.

Best wishes. Keep us informed what you learn and how you apply the learning. Things that work and things that don’t work will help us all.

If you do a search for “friends” in the forum search box there are individuals looking for same - they typically give their age or range.
I was diagnosed at age 3 and am a late baby boomer, but I was always pretty open about my diabetes. Before CGMs and pumps, on a dinner date I would excuse myself to my date by explaining I had diabetes and needed to check my blood sugar and take my insulin - that was his I shared the info and it was not a big deal. As we got to know each other better I would ask if they minded if I did it at the table, assuming I could do it discretely without bothering other diners. Surprisingly - especially at the time - several said they had a family member or knew someone with diabetes already. I married one of those.
Enjoy making connections!

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I’m 25, so I’m pretty close to your age range.

I am open about it in all of the above situations. If you’d like to talk more feel free to message.