Type 1 mom wondering which formula to give my 3 month old baby -

I'm a type 1 diabetic of a 3 month old baby boy.  I've been nursing, which I know is best, however, am going to have to start supplementing with formula soon.  My problem is I'm not sure what formula to use.  I've heard that giving "cows milk" based formula to infants, can actually make them more susceptible to developing diabetes in their lifetime.  Because of this I used soy based formula for my first, but now looking back I'm not sure if that was the right choice either.  Does anyone have any information/thoughts/experience on whats best to use.  Should I get the formulas that they use for babies that have milk allergies, soy, or, just don't worry about it!

Let's just say if there was an answer, it'd be easy for find.   :-(     You can find 'research' (supposed research?) to support just about any theory - you have to make the best decision you can with the information found at trustworthy sites.    

That being said, we gave both our daughters soy based formula and my oldest was diagnosed T1D.  We did this (this was 12+ years ago) because my niece had severe allergies to basically every brand of formula except the one we chose to used.   Our shared pediatrician said that was the best for families with allergies, etc.   Also - there was big talk of soy being better to prevent cancer back then.    

My daughters never had cows based milk until they were over 12 months.  They were nursed completely for 6 months (my oldest was 9months) and then had soy formula.

Sorry I can't be more help.  I assure you, the formula you choose is not going to be the cause or prevent any future T1D (or any other) diagnosis.   If it was that easy, those formulas wouldn't be on the market.  

We used the non-dairy, non-soy formula, but it wasn't because of fear of diabetes.  I'm lactose and soy intolerant and my son seemed to burp up more than he kept down of the milk and soy formula.

(Interesting fact, saw an episode of Nova last night that mentioned that infants can't digest the fats and other nutrients in breast milk.  It's there to feed the little bacteria in the baby's stomach that keep the child healthy.)

You can't develop type 1 without having the genes for it.  It's too unclear what factors activate the diabetes.  I don't think the cow's milk research is compelling enough to change how you feed your child.  

Check out this ADA link on the liklihood of your child developing diabetes.  It can happen, but isn't as likely as you might think, especially if you're an older mom.  www.diabetes.org/.../genetics-of-diabetes.html

Thanks Katie!  I know I can't control if either of my son's get this disease, I just want to make sure I'm making the best possible decisions with the information I have at the time!  

the genetics information was very helpful Jenna, curious, do you remember what the formula was that you used?  I didn't know there was a Non-Dairy, Non-Soy based formula

Think it was the Similac Senstivie Baby formula (I liked the cans, not the powder).  I was wrong to say it's non-dairy... just doesn't have lactose.  Sorry, my son is about to turn 7, so it's been a while.  =)

The formula is pricey but you can find it at Walmart and most grocery stores.  Our pediatrician recommended trying regular formula first, then soy, and then sensitive baby when my son's stomach problems didn't resolve.  I still breastfed a couple times a day too.