Type 1 MS

Hello. I am new to this group and I am so glad it is here. I was diagnosed at age 8. Now in my 40’s. I was lucky enough to aquire a second autoimmune disease in my mid 20’s . I am very curious if there are any T1d’s who also have MS. I have never met anyone in my situation and with my particular set of struggles. I am still mobile and still work. I am a wife and mother of two. Life is busy . Esspecially with two chronic illnesses. If you are out there I would love to hear from you!

hi @Kef1975,

welcome to the “Adults” group. I don’t have MS but I have had T1 since I was 11/12

I guess that there are a few autoimmune conditions that might be related to t1; maybe Lupus, MS, Hyperthyroid, and RA (rheumatoid arthritis) all share certain autoimmune traits. Sorry to hear about your double-trouble, and I hope you are okay. Maybe others will respond but I haven’t heard much about MS from members on this site.

So Kef1975 we are a few of the “lucky” ones - I have T1 and ulcerative colitis. I worked with a man whose wife, at the time as they are no longer married, had T1D and MS. She had twins which apparently made her MS worse. So, you certainly are not the only one-so don’t feel too special :wink:
I just had my 1st (& most likely only) child - I don’t know how you managed it twice! Much less keeping active with work, a husband and 2 children. Feel free to wear a cape as you are in my eyes a hero already!
Best of luck to you!!

Hi - I too am T1 and have MS! I was diagnosed w/T1 at age 8 and MS at 29 shortly after my first son was born. I am still mobile as well and I work as a stay at home mom. I hope to hear from you to be able to talk to someone else in a very similar situation!