Type 1 Runners Needed

Well, I haven't posted anything on this blog since December 20. You would think I didn't have anything to say. However, the fact is I have been telling myself over and over again, "You should write about this on your blog."
I ran a 30K race on December 21st. You'd think that was worth a post wouldn't you? Well, it was.
Life has just been rushing along so quickly, I feel like I can hardly keep up with all the things I have to do.
Lots of other little things have come up, and maybe I'll write about them later, but here's the reason I just have to write something today:

As you may know, Insulindependence has an all type 1 diabetics team running in the Ragnar Relay Del Sol on February 27th and 28th. This is a twelve runner relay covering 194.3 miles from Prescott to Mesa, Arizona, with each runner covering from 10 to 18 miles divided into three sections.
If you're familiar with multi-day relays like Hood to Coast, Reach the Beach, or one of the other Ragnar events, this is the same sort of thing.
Well, we've lost a few runners due to injuries and other commitments, and we need more type 1 diabetic runners to fill out the team. If you're interested in this adventure, and you think you could run about 5 miles 3 times within a period of about 20 hours, please drop me a line at jpnairn at gmail dot com.
We are not an especially competitive team. We are not in this to win the event. The main objective is to raise awareness about diabetes and exercise, and to bring together some like-minded diabetic athletes... to have a blast.


Hi Jerry -

  Good luck with your run.  I personally am not a runner, but it sounds like a really cool event and great that you and your team are bringing some awareness about type 1.