Type 1 ?'s

I've had diabetes for about 6yrs and I still have a question about cereal lol..when it says the carb content and then says like extra carbohydrates, i need to count those for my bolus as well?? normally a box of cereal will say like 25grams carbs and then like 15 other carbs..so the total for my bolus should be 40 right?


Hi Dan,

Actually, I think you only need to count the TOTAL CARBS.  The "other carbs" under the total carbs is just part of the breakdown to let you know where the carbs are coming from.  So say the box says TOTAL CARBS: 27g and under that it says DIETARY FIBER: 1g, SUGARS: 11g, & OTHER CARBS: 15g.  1 + 11 + 15 = 27g.  The only other thing you'd have to consider is if the carbs per serving change w/milk.  Some cereal boxes will put the total carb content if the cereal is eaten dry and then also a total carb content if the cereal is eaten with milk added.

I hope that makes sense and I didn't confuse you.

Hi Dan!

I'm not sure I've seen a label before were there were two listings for "carbohydrates".  What you generally see is "Total Carbohydrates", then "Dietary Fiber", and "Sugars" below that.  Do you have an example you can use of what label you're looking at that has this?


Is this a cereal you eat on a regular basis? If so, I would assume that taking the different amounts of insulin would have a huge impact on your BG. I agree with the other comment, look at the TOTAL CARB amount, the stuff underneath is just a breakdown of what makes up the total number. But if that doesn't seem to be working, if you take the larger dose, I would think you would see improvement. Make sure you have a snack with you if you try that though! Taking that much "extra" insulin would totally crash me.

thank you for the info, ya i looked at it and it makes sense that it is broken down so only the total carb was what i needed..i was eating cocoa puffs and it says total carbs 27g and then underneath it said other carbs 15g but the dietary fibers were 12g so 27g is the total lol..

Are you sure there are 12 grams of fiber in Cocoa puffs? That doesn't sound right. That is a lot for any cereal. I think you might be looking at the suggested daily allowance and not what you get in the serving of cereal. Be careful. 

Some food labels are just plain wrong or confusing. On Cocoa Wheats the serving size has no relation at all to the instructions. 


Here is a label I goggled for Cocoa Puffs. It has 1 gram of fibre. 12 grams of sugar, 23 grams of carbs. Your label may be different if it has been


oops! here is the label.