Type 1 Women's Support Group

Hi all

I am new to this board, so I hope I'm putting this in the right place!

I'm an adult Type 1 (LADA) and am starting a Type 1 Women's Support Group in the SF Bay area (East Bay). The first meeting will be Saturday October 16th at 11AM at the Berkeley Public Library West Branch at 1125 University Avenue just East of San Pablo. At that time we can talk about if a different day and time would be better for the members and how often the group would like to meet. I am glad to facilitate, but would like the group to chose it's own format and goals. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at zoeheyman@comcast.net. Hope to see you there!

Oh man!  I'd love to meet other T1 women in the Bay Area!   But, I might be working that day.  Hopefully not, so I can make it.  It'd be perfect too b/c then I can go visit my sister in Oakland afterwards.  I live on the city side of the bridge, so I hate crossing that thing to go to the East Bay.  Stupid bridge.  It sucks!

I hope you can make it, Scrappy! I'm getting the feeling Saturday morning is not a great time, so if I get some people to come we can all decide together what day and time is better. But if people can let me know that Saturday is bad, then I'll go ahead and change it for the following month.

When I lived in the city I was the same way about coming to the east bay. Now that I live here I rarely go into the city and if I do I go by BART. I'm not big on bridges either.