Type I Attorneys?

I'm a recent law school graduate, now clerking for a judge - so I have pleanty of time to take care of myself.  But I am worried that when I move into litigation and/or firm life that my  health will really suffer.

Do any type I attorneys have any wisdom that they can share about having to work ridiculous hours and still finding time to care for yourself? 

Does diabetes prevent me from going the firm root if I really want to have time to care for my health?

I would appreciate advice from anyone in the legal community.  

I'm not a lawyer, but I think I remember reading that the newest member of the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, has T1 diabetes.  I think she's quite an inspiration!

She is.  I was really psyched about it. :) 

Hopefully having someone in that position will help get more awareness out there about Type I.

you'll never "find" time to take care of yourself.  you have to make time.  get into good routines now and change them as it becomes necessary.  diabetes is important and so is your career.  finding that balance is different for everyone.  always have easy snacks available, check frequently, and stay in tune with how you're feeling. 

best wishes!