Type of Dance

What type of dance is your favorite and/or focus?

To start this off:

Tap is my favorite as I teach it!!!  I also enjoy jazz!

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What type of dance is your favorite and/or focus?


Hello,  I am lurasrainbow and I am new to the group.  I am 50 years young, I moved my mother in with me because of her health and we now kinda help each other.  I am  Bi-Polor; which I was just diagnost about a year ago. My Mom and I get along pretty good; the best that we have ever before.  I think we both grew up over the years.  I love her, she is a good person.  I am also a new mom to a new dog.  I can't have childeren; but, my dog is spoiled rotten just as a child could be.  I love my new baby. He just turned 2 on the 28th of last month (Feb.).  I live in Kansas City and I have lived in Kansas City, most of my life. I was born In Arkansas. And, I have lived in Moberly, MO, Kansas City, KS., Murphys Boro, Illinoise, Gentry, Arkansas, Independence, MO and now in Kansas City.

I enjoy all types of dancing.  I really think dancing of all types is a step in life.  I always wanted to be a dancer in show bizz or on skates. I even wanted to be in the roller derby.  It really didn't matter which one.  I enjoy dancing my own dance along with line dancing, 6-step, 2-steppin, 9-step, ect. .... and ...   slow, fast, country among most any other types.  I love to watch tap, modern and even the waltz.  ect. ....  I blew out my right knee dancing, back in my high school days.  And then I blew the other one out playing softball. And, then I messed them both up on a job I worked, and falling out of a tree and off the roof .... ect. ....  I always liked to play hard.  Then I spent about 15 years if not more on crutches or in a wheelchair.   Now that I turned 50 this last December 2010; I now have 2 new knees and diabetes to go together.  I am dealing with my blood sugar dropping ..... and rising up high. But the dropping is really hard to deal with.  I just spent 2 days and nights at the hospital because of it dropping.  It dropped one night and I got it back up, then the very next night it dropped again and got it up but not enough, then it dropped again back to back.  I hate feeling helpless.   Not being able to see but merely a shadow and feeling totally weird.  Cold and hot and sick and fighting passing out, scared and blind.  It is crazy.  

I hope you have a great day!


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Tap and Hip Hop are my favorite. But I also do Jazz and Lyrical. I did Ballet until I was about 6, I think, but I have short Achilles tendons so it was kinda painful but I did it for a few years :). Oh and I've been dancing for 14 years :)

I love dancing jazz and high kick  (:

modern, ballet, and jazz

Jazz and Hip-Hop (:

Clogging, but I've also done some Tap

I also do a lot of historical line and square dancing

I do Hip Hop,Tap,Ballet, and Break dance. But my favorite is Hip Hop because of the kind of music..!!! =)

I do Jazz, Modern , Contemporary & Hip Hop  :D

I’ve mostly been trained in classical ballet, but this summer I attended the summer program at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and took classes in Dunham, Horton, and Graham techniques, along with a Theater Dance workshop. I’m considering changing home studios to be able to take more modern classes alongside ballet. I’ve been dancing since I was four, so this year will be my twelfth year!

I do Irish Dance and theater dance. I’ve been dancing my whole life and diabetes just doesn’t seem to make it harder.

Been doing Ballroom Dance for 6 years now, I love it and its my passion in life. coincidentally I’ve also had diabetes for 6 years

I like to do salsa with a beautiful parter:wink:
Personally like to do Hiphop!! Best music to enjoy with friends.