Type One a comic book for diabetics by a diabetic

Hello,I’m Sean Ahrendt and I’ve lived with T1 for over 25 years.I am also a illustrator with an upcoming comic called Type One. I created my main character Streeze when I was a child and incorporated my journey as Diabetic shortly after I was diagnosed with Diabetes,and added some fantastical elements for escapism and entertainment. I’ve gotten great responses from those that live with TD1 and family members of TD1’s , and encouragement from my team of doctors on getting the book into the hands of the community.I have a preorders open for the Type One Preview book that close June 14th and then off to the printers. If you are looking for visuals you can look me up on Instagram for the the preview’s cover and the model sheet for Streeze,as well as some pages panels from the book.
Here’s the overall pitch

Thomas DeHart is our hero, Streez, but behind the mask he’s the caretaker of his nephew, Aaron, who seems to be the one taking care of him and his life as a diabetic. He’s also a renowned Rheumatologist. While on a research trip in Mexico for studies on autoimmune deficiencies, Thomas’ research team take a tour of the Teotihuacan pyramids . When his project Dr Veraga-thomas’s over see’er and mentor at lab on a hunch from tales he had heard, stumbles upon a hidden hall within the pyramid, Thomas’ destiny is changed forever. There he finds the Type One armor which once belonged to the 9 Gods ( The Nine Lords of the Night in Aztec mythology ) and stolen by Mayan priests, who had been taken by the Aztecs;who’s motives are unknown as of now.The suit bonds with Thomas and his world is changed forever. His mentor is assumed dead when a cave in happens from the result of awakening the armors abilities. With the suit not only monitors his levels, it can detect highs or lows and adjust accordingly to the situation at hand while taking on bad guys. He is able to make a difference while dealing with living with Type One Diabetes! ne Diabetes! Join us on this action and adventure tale that is only beginning in the pages of Type One!!

If anyone is interested in ordering feel free email me at ahr1028@msn.com with Type One in the subject just in case it goes into spam folder. Thank you in advance and this will not be the last you’ve heard of Type One!!

All the best to you - congratulations in advance!!

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Thank you!!! I appreciate the support :raised_hands:t2: