Type one and marijuana

Any feelings on this topic? I am not a smoker, was as a teen but haven’t in years. HOWEVER; I have been doing some research and it actually appears to be very beneficial for type one. Any thoughts/ experience? Thanks in advance.

I’m an old, old t1 guy that smoked marijuana in the 60’s. I didn’t find anything beneficial to smoking so I stopped. Don’t do it.

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Thank you for the response. I most likely won’t just keep reading such conflicting advice.

I’ve smoked MJ on and off for about 55 years, had T1 for the last 35 years. I’ve generally had good control (A1C between 6.5 and 7 mostly), no complications. Taking MJ has been beneficial for me emotionally, as I find it helps me to relax, particularly in the evenings.(Less stress=better control), It has also been my personal observation that it helps to stabilize my blood glucose (BG) over time. When i am regularly smoking, my BG seems to stay more constant over time. Of course, one of the big qualifications here is that the MJ doesn’t give you the munchies - If smoking gives you irresistible urges to eat, then all bets are off, and I would say you should stay away. But if you don’t go crazy eating, and you test your BG frequently (at first at least) than enjoy your MJ. In my experience it can be helpful


What other benefits besides the one @BarryS replied were you expecting? I’m not familiar with what it could possibly help.

I read a few articles about blocking nerve pain and actually promoting nerve protection. A few other things but I thought that was interesting.

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I tried it once in college - didn’t like it and never tried it again. Given what is known about cigarette smoking and lungs I was curious about this different type of smoke (if you want to call it that). Here’s an article I found that was published just last year - updated 12/17/20 (date at end of article).