Type One Diabetes in Haiti

Hi there!
I am a college student who has type one diabetes for 14 years. Last summer, I went on a mission trip to Haiti and an incredible need for diabetic supplies was revealed to me. The need to keep insulin cold is overwhelming and the issue of no electricity and limited supplies makes this even worse. These diabetics must function without the everyday medical supplies that we take for granted. Medical clinics, based in Haiti, have confirmed the need with numbers as high as 400 diabetics per clinic.

Recently, I have been able to start a fundraiser in order to help these Haitian diabetics. I have partnered with a nonprofit organization called Significance of One. With their help, I am fundraising money in order to buy FRIO packs to send to Haiti. These amazing little packs keep insulin cold for 45 hours if just dipped in cool water. If “topped off”, these reusable packs can last for 28 days. The same wallet has a lifespan of at least one year. These can aid the Haitian community in keeping this vital medicine cold. For more information, you can visit [here] (https://www.significanceofone.org/haitifundraisers?fbclid=IwAR1NdQekQjAmES34NYIkIPZXreR-6VSzPtL3x2uwkti8cyFLWvI170hsthw).

I just wanted to reach out and spread the word! Thank you all for reading!