Type One Emergency Supplies (T.O.E.S.)

I believe that absolutely NO Type 1 Diabetic, child or adult, should ever be without the supplies he (or she) needs to properly manage his (or her) blood sugars.  Essential supplies include all types of insulin, syringes, pump supplies (infusion sets, reservoirs, etc.), test strips, and glucose tablets, as well as healthy food and access to exercise.  Furthermore, I believe that professional medical and nutritional advice should be available in person, by telephone or online for all Type 1 diabetics.

I had a "conversation" with my friend CJ1230 this morning, currently toward the end of the forum topic entitled "Daily Diet, Blood Sugar and Exercise Log," which along with my own experience of being unemployed and having no health insurance for a 4-month period last year, convinced me once and for all that I should do something about this.

My mission is to make sure that absolutely NO Type 1 Diabetic, child or adult, should ever be without the supplies he (or she) needs to properly manage his (or her) blood sugars.  It will be difficult and it won't happen overnight.  It may start with a single bottle of insulin and a bottle of test strips given to one Type 1 diabetic who needs it right now... but everything has to start somewhere.

I personally will be assuming the responsibility of initiating and managing this critical program.  The name of the program will be the acronym T.O.E.S., which stands for Type One Emergency Supplies. It will be based on the concept that when you're in the position to give, "you give," and when you're in need, "you accept."  We'll think of it as "a gift," from one Type One to another.  Among my plans are to contact the manufacturers of insulin, syringes, pump and monitoring supplies, as well as nutritional food sources in order to negotiate discounted rates.

At this time, I am looking for any of my Juvenation friends (or prospective Juvenation friends) who would like to donate their time and creativity to the T.O.E.S. project.  We are not ready to accept any supplies or monetary contributions at this during this organizational phase.  Here's a chance to make a difference right now.

Paul Glantman

I agree with you Paul. I always have extra supplies with me and my mom carries them with her too. At school the nurse gave me a lunch box to keep in the office so if I need to eat a snack or something and she also keeps juice boxes in the mini fridge for me and the 2 other diabetic kids. Luckily I haven't had to use any emergencie supplies (yet) and I hope I won't have too. MY major thing is that I'm worried about my sugar dropping in class because next year we don't eat until like one thirty and school lets out at three fifteen. I guess I'll have to go to the office and eat a snack.


Hi Brittany,

You and I are referring to two differrent things here, both however, very important.  You are talking about having fast sugar on hand for a hypoglycemic reaction, and I certainly agree with you... this can save your life.  I carry a small tube of glucose tablets wherever I go now, especially when I'm driving a car.  (I guess you don't have to worry about this yet.)  Are you allowed to have glucose tablets on hand in school?  Are you allowed to test your sugar in class?  It's been so long since I've been in grade school that I just don't know what the rules are today.  In college you should definitely have your glucose monitor and tablets on hand during class.

What I am referring to above in my initial message was making diabetic supplies available to all Type 1's who can't afford them.


i definitely agree, being that my mom has just lost her job. I have the possibility of loosing my health insurance or not having enough coverage to pay for my supplies. THat's not fair to me at all and I know there are so many other people going through the same thing. What can I do to help? I will devote as much time as possible and try to help wherever I can.

The first step, which I will take, will be to get legal and accounting advice for setting up the T.O.E.S. Program.

Here's how I envision the operation of the program:

The program will be funded by monetary (tax deductible) contributions from any person or entity who feels that emergency supplies should be available at either reduced or no charge to Type 1's who can't afford them.

The program will hopefully establish connections with pharmaceutical companies and supply manufacturers or distributors allowing it to receive highly-discounted prices on these products.  This will be how we will be able to purchase the maximum amount of supplies out of every donated dollar.

We will not dispense any medications or supplies ourselves because we will not be licensed to do so. 

The T.O.E.S. program will have a website which will both accept monetary donations and allow Type 1's in need to request supplies either at no cost or for whatever amount of money they feel they can afford.

The supplies themselves will them be dispensed directly from the manufacturer or distributor to the Type 1 patient.

If there is a attorney and/or accountant on Juvenation who would be willing to help me organize the T.O.E.S. program, I would appreciate it.
We will also need a web designer/developer.

I have supplies I will give away for the asking...I have an old Minimed 508 missing the battery holder and several boxes of silhouette sets and resevoirs left over. 

I recently became eligible for Medicaid and have since received a new pump and monthly supplies.  I used to be private pay with no insurance at all and spent thousands on supplies every year.

Contact me to arrange delivery or pick up of my old pump and supplies.

I am in Chicago on the Northwest Side.



I love the idea and your initiative.  I am a little concerned that you are (potentially) talking about transferring prescription items from person to person. 

I know it seems ridiculous, since the need is clear and present, however, I think you may also want to see if we have  a legal-beagle handy to answer the regulatory questions for this sort of an undertaking.  Also, I think Michael over at Insulin Pumpers has something like this going on – you may want to touch base there to see how those efforts are being managed.

I look forward to seeing this develop – I believe it is a fantastic idea!




Hi Paul,

I now feel bad and happy all at the same time, and I understand why you are starting the T.O.E.S program. Well I would like to offer my help in anyway that you can use me. I can't do webdesign but I can do anything you need in a Canadian Aspect. And I would like to make a difference and help all of those people going through the same things that you and I are/have gone through. Just drop me a line and let me know what I do to help you get the program started and running.

All the support in the world to you Paul!!! And I'm here for you.



I agree with A-D in everything he said. So I guess I ditto his reply. I also know that diabetic rockstar does this exact thing. I also know they are looking for people to help with that initiative and can put you in contact with Christopher Thomas who runs it if you want?