TypeOneNation Online Bootcamp!

Hey Guys,

What do you guys think about starting a TypeOneNation Bootcamp??? We can make ourselves accountable by writing our daily food and exercise logs? You can even add in before and after blood sugars for diet and exercising. It could be a fun way to do it with other people and help motivate each other.

What do you say?? We can make our own ground rules and everything! Who is with me!!

I think it’s a good idea!!

Yay! @Meghantk! Let’s try to get some more people on board!

I’d be up for that if we could check-in weekly or something.


Yea, I was thinking a Monday would probably be the best day what do you guys think? @Meghantk?

@Gina I am down for that…

Yes that would work for me.

Did anyone every get the boot camp going? I’m having a hard time with getting motivated to workout and eat better hoped this was already up and going so I to could join and well have some fun while losing weight


It kind of fell through the cracks a bit but if you are up for it lets do it!


Oh Gina I’m up for it I really need to get it going and envy you and many of the others that are athletes. Let me know if I can help out in any way


I am ready, lets do it starting Monday. Ill write up something we can follow and post it in here tomorrow! Wht do you think??

I think that would be awesome and i’d rather jump in and get going. I’d love to see what you post up. I’ll keep checking back.

Hi all I started workout, but still not eating right. I hate healthy food but I really should start. But we should really get this bootcamp going. Specially for those days when you don’t want to workout. Nice to have support.

So, is this still a thing or did it fizzle away??? I would love to get involved.

I’d be down with it.

Hi, I seem a bit older than most of you guys but would still love to have a support group for diet & exercise. I would be interested, trying to become more healthy and loose some weight in the meantime :blush: