U200 thoughts?

I am switching to U200 soon, i want to know how people feel about it for whom have used it.

@EvieFire it is the exact same insulin it is just twice the concentration.

If you needed 10 units of U-100 insulin for a sandwich, you need 5 units of U-200. everything else about it is the exact same. cheers good luck


Hi @EvieFire . I don’t use U200 but came up when insulin strengths increased from U40 to U80 (and eventually U100). The only difference was adjusting to half the dosage for those who take more.

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My son has been using it for 2 years. We use Omnipod, so the only issue is that U200 is only sold in Humalog pre-filled pens, so we have extract the insulin from the pens to fill the pods, but it’s not a big deal.

I use Omnipod also. Thank you for responding was needed. Im 14 and always cautious on new things i’m trying.

Being cautious is wise - be sure you investigating and learning what you can will serve you well. Why are you changing? I’m just curious.

Im changing so i can use less amount of insulin throughout my day and not give me complications during school.