Ugh...Bad Day

So today was a pretty bad day for me.  About a month ago I was in a car accident and herniated a disk in my neck.  I went to the doctor and was put on medicine and I started to feel better.  Well I'm no longer taking the medicine and the pain is coming back.  I have throbbing pain in my neck and then I have pain that shoots down my left arm.  Also I am a auditor and as such I end up traveling to wherever my clients are.  Well for the past 2 weeks my client is a hour and a half away.  So I'm waking up super early working all day and then driving home and not getting home until 8pm at night.  So I'm super tired.  Plus, my blood sugar numbers have been running high for some reason that I can't seem to figure out lately and its getting to me.  Today they were in the 200s and I could get them down.  It took me almost 5 hours to get it down, I felt absolutely horrible and I was super busy at work which made it worse.  Then to top it all off I decided to step on the scale today and to my horror I had gained even more weight.  I've only been a diabetic for a little over a year and I've gained almost 30 lbs.  I haven't changed my eating habits but I just keep putting on the weight and its really starting to depress me.  After I saw my weight I just broke down and starting crying.  It was just too much with everything I've been dealing with.  My husband was there, he is also a diabetic, and basically told me that a lot of diabetics gain weight and to not get upset about it but I just feel so fat and ugly and it really just depresses me.  Also with everything else I'm dealing with I just could take it anymore, I just wanted to give up.  I feeling better now but I just needed to vent to get it out.  Has anyone else dealt with this extreme weight gain??? Does anyone have any ideas on how I could lose weight??  I realized today that I need to eat a bit healthier (sometime I'll indulge on the not so good foods) and I also need to exercise (once I figure out how to do it without my sugar dropping).  I know that I can do it I just have to stay positive I guess.  I hope I can.

Okay, first thing's first...  (((HUG)))!

I've gained weight, but I'm not sure that can't be attributed to other things (not just D itself).  Inactivity is a big obstacle for me - I have a desk job, so I'm sitting most of the day.  Not the greatest situation for someone who's already insulin-resistant (me!), but that's how it is right now.

One thing I've found that has many benefits is going for a 30 to 40 minute walk right after consuming a meal (usually, dinner).  When I plan to do this, I take only about 50% of my normal food bolus, and the exercise does the rest.  This results in me taking less insulin overall, helping to minimize my post-meal peak, and all the normal good stuff that results from exercise.

I'm glad you came here and let your feelings out.  Sometimes, just putting your feelings out there to the world feels a little bit better, just in itself.  You've got all of us here to listen anytime you need it!

When I was diagnosed 15 years ago, in 1995,  I weighed 142, down a few pounds from 147 which I seemed to stay around.  My weight had gone up to the upper 170's within the next year and a half.  I remember this since I was in my sister's wedding in 1997 and pictures don't lie.  I think I was eating more to treat lows plus the initial weight gain caused by insulin.  When I got married in 2000, I was 166 pounds.  But luckily, immediately after having a child in 2001 and in 2003, I weighed about 160 and have stayed within 5 pounds ever since.   I try to walk a few times a week, plus I have an  active job where I'm always moving.  I would try to get more active.  Maybe meeting with a dietician would be a good idea to talk about healthy food options.  I'm really no help with insight into eating healthy foods as I don't go out of my way to eat vegetables when given a choice with other foods.  I ate 2 drumsticks today and had a bunch of apple pie last week.  I do think your body will level off over time.  It does seem unfair why a lot of diabetics put on weight after starting insulin, but some just figure that they are getting healthier and are gaining back the weight they may have lost due to high sugars.  A nice walk really clears ones head.  I'm sure you'll have a lot of brighter days ahead.

hey, amy (and everyone else on this post).

in just a couple weeks i will be a dietitian (about time!). i can help anyone who would like to lose weight. personally, i used to struggle quite a bit with my own self image and hatred of my body. in part, it led to my depression and alcoholism. i have since learned that i am a beautiful person. i love myself the way i look, even though i am overweight. i take care of myself because i love my body and want to keep it healthy. i don't strive to lose weight, but i eat healthy and exercise because it makes me feel good and i know i'm doing something good for myself :o)

i can help you. i'll be honest that some things i will say may not be what you want to hear or may seem a little crazy. if you are willing to work hard and give an honest evaluation of yourself (even if you don't like what you see), you will succeed. change doesn't happen fast - it's not instantaneous, but it can happen. i am here for you to help you in every single way i can, even if it just means an ear to listen and a friend to support you. just let me know what i can do. :o)

Hi Amy, just wanted to mention that stress, chronic pain, and medications all help to raise the blood sugar.  Don't feel bad.  This too will pass.