I had to look up insulin resistance and type one and of course its common with kids going through puberty. This is scary to me. I gave Ri 3 units a hour before breakfast to lower her. After a hour she went up 20 points. So I gave her food at 1 to 10 (norm is 1 to 12) with 2 extra units and she went from 308 to 428! GRR So I gave her 6 units with no food. She went down to 226. I told her to get up and do 20 jumping jacks and she tested 15 min later she came down to 202. She ran down stairs and back up with her brothers a few times and dropped to 166 finally. I have been upping her levemir at night too so far just one unit but tonight I will go up another. I hate not having a endo to call and figure this out with me. I am still waiting on their cards to get here so I can set up appointments and such. I just got scared today after giving her 10 units she didnt go down but up a lot. I am sure you all are sick of hearing about this but I have to get these fears out here so I can keep my head up about it with her.

I have had type 1 diabetes for about 1 1/2 years and I use an unsulin pump with Humalog. I have a continuos glucose monitor which measures my blood sugars every 5 minutes 24 hrs a day. I have noticed that when a give myself insulin before I eat, my blood sugar levels seem to go up and an hour later I start to freak out and they began to go down. I think that the type of foods we eat and the amount we eat can affect our bodies in different ways. I have not had a blood glucose of 400 since I was realeased from the hospital about 1 1/2 ago. I was upset when I realized just how out of control my blood glucose levels were at times, but then my doctor told me, "If I could control them perfectly, that would mean I have a cure for my diabetes". DOnt let yourself get too stresed out about whats happening with your daughter, as long as it doesnt cause her to get really sick, you are doing the best you can do. I am thinking about taking a class that teaches about complex foods and how they affect the body, have you taken any classes like that? 

This isnt the first time she has gotten into the 400's recently. I am just afraid to see ketones even tho I am pretty much already giving her insulin every two hours. So yeah I am just fearing her getting sick despite doing all I can for her. She isnt on the pump and isnt ready for it. She doesnt want it at all. Her numbers just dont want to go down and it isnt always in the mornings. I understand how most foods work with her she eats pretty much the same things everyday some days she reacts poorly to foods even if she didnt to the same thing the day before. I have used about 225 units of insulin for her in the past 10 days. Normally a pen lasts a few days short of a month. At this rate it wont last 2 weeks!

when is her next doctors visit? you may want to seek some assistance from them to see if her doses need to be increased, how long has she had diabetes? I have heard about the Honey moon phase, is she past that?

yeah she is past her wanna be honeymoon phase. It didnt last more than a couple of weeks and she didnt have to drop her insulin amounts all that much before she had to go back up.

She doesnt have one. I am waiting on state insurance cards so I can attempt to get her into a endo. Tho there is only one in our town mind you its the 3rd largest in Co but we still have no endos here. Tho her pedi says there are no Endo's here for her at all. So that means traveling and I dont have a car that can go that far so I have no idea how I am suppose to do it.

I have been increasing her insulin on my own even when we were seeing someone. She said I could make changes as needed on my own. Tho we lost our insurance and now I dont even have her to fall back on she wasnt a endo. Her log started at a 1:20 and now we are at 1:10. I did have to lower her levemir from 25 to 21 but we are increasing that back up slowly. Every couple of days until we notice it working. I also changed her correction factor from 1:50 to 1:40.

We are going through similar things with control on our newly diagnosed daughter. I think you are doing the right things. Adjusting the long term insulin is what we are doing to prevent her now daily lows. From 13 units now down to 3 tonight. Almost no Humalog for meals unless she is higher than usual and getting a big dose of carbs. The nurses on call are telling us to lower the Lantus. I imagine when she starts getting high more often we will begin to raise the Lantus back up. 

I know a kid on a pump that gets in the 400's a couple times a week. They have no explanation. 

Exercise is as good as a unit or two of humalog for my girl. If she gets near 200 we send outside to run and it works. 

yeah exercise helps her a lot if I can catch it before she gets to high. With the delay in the urine ketone test strips I am to nervous to have her do anything if she is to high.


I have read a few articles about puberty and t-1 today that have helped me feel better about it and what i am doing. I just hope it chills out soon for the rest of the months.

don't worry about the bouncing around. I've had diabetes for almost 3 years and sometimes, a kid is just more sensitive to factors some days than others. some days i go up if its too hot out, or if i sleep too long, or if i don't drink enough water. just try to keep everything consistent, and that should help at least a little. and if you really would prefer to talk to a doctor, you can always look a doctor up in the phone book, explain your situation, and they can give you some general advice just until you can a hold of your regular endocrinologist.

You should realize you are doing everything you can.  She's going to be alright.  I was diagnosed in '54'.  All we had was tablets and test tubes, then came test strips.  I haven't tested for ketones in 45 years (naughty girl) and I'm pretty sure I have spilled MORE than my share.  I'm not sure what they were supposed to do to me.

Thanks, its just hard to accept that some times my best just its good enough. Thankfully she loves salads and even tho it made her go up a tad last night I knew over night she would drop good and she did she was mid 200's last night and dropped to 166 as of 5 a.m. We bumped her levemir up to 24 units last night so hopefully that helped. I did give her a correction at 7 last night tho and she went up from that so it still seems odd to me. I think I will try and find one that takes the insurance we have for them to call until we get the actual cards.

I was at a support group meeting last night and some other people there talked about how some foods make their child low then high. Pasta for example

is slow to to raise his glucose but after two hours it starts to rise. They asked if they could split the insulin dose in half. One half right before the meal and then the other half in 2 hours. They said it was okay to do this. Pasta, rice and pizza do this apparently. I am so new at this I would have never figured this out.


Yeah Terry we went through that with pizza its a bad one for Riley. We split the dose for it now. We dont really eat pasta or rice anymore its just a pain and not something she really lies anyhow.