UGHH! I hate when people think my pump is an mp3 player!

People at school always ask things like "why do you take your mp3 player everywhere?" or "Ooh can i see your mp3 player?" like obviously its not an mp3 player b/c everyone these days has an iPod...and it's annoying how people are so nosey! But then there are those people who try not to be nosey but they stare at my pump all day and when i look at them they look away!! ughh i hate those people...ayone else feel like this??

I always get "Is that a pager?"

I know what you mean. When some people on my bus first saw it they were like," Is that an Mp3 player?" I was like "NO. It looks nothing like an Mp3 player. And why would there be a tube connected to an Mp3 player?" One of my friends Audrey was joking and said I was pregnant and it was playing music to my baby.

And sometimes I kind of like when people ask me questions, cause it makes it seem like they care or are at least interested. But I haven't noticed people just staring at it. I have noticed people staring when I check my blood sugar in the nurses office though. Some people don't even try to hide the fact that they're staring though. Haha. :)

EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!! i hate people who stare when i check my blood sugar! bc i do it in class not in the nurse's office and people are always like OMG WHAT HAPPENED WHY ARE YOU BLEEDING?? and im like what? oh nevermind :)

I mostly get the "is that a pager" or "is that your cell phone?"

No, sorry, it's not. lol

I get is that a pedometer ?

and i get a mix of them all but how I kinda sorted it was with the people i tended to trust more i told what it really was when they asked what it was because i saw it as a way to tell more people and then if they know what Diabetes is then if i have complications and have not detected it myself they can help. This has helped me because a small group of my friends are always there to help me now.

omg ive heard so many ideas:

"is that a...":




garage-door opener

hamburger maker (yes. i know, hahahahaha a friend convinced them it was that and i couldnt stop laughing)

a hamburger maker? wow people have some imaginations these days ;)

LOL i always get this! But its really fun to mess with teachers and make them think its my cell phone and that i am texting.

hahaha i get that it's either a phone, or an MP3 and some people are just like uhh...what is that? and i'll be trying to bolus in class and someone has to yell PHONE! lol gosh, so annoying.

I hate it when people ask if I have a pager, so usually I  say "Yeah I have a pager, because this isn't 2012 and there aren't 4G cellphones or anything..." or something else sarcastic. And when people are nosy and are like "What are you doing?!" when I'm checking my BG or giving insulin, I tell them I'm taking drugs, because technically, it isn't a lie.

I got, is that a heart rate monitor? once...really a HR monitor? I think it was in like middle school, or freshmen year of high school...Still boggles my mind  :p

bahahahahaha aw man, :) the 2012 line is great. (: Soon people wont even know what pagers are so hang in there :p then we'll see what they come up with... *rolls eyes :p

man, if the teacher's an can get 'em good with that auto bolus botton!

everyone always thinks mine is a pager... i don't even know what a pager looks like...

Last year i had thee absolute most annoying little 5th grader try to tell me off when she thought my blood sugar monitor was a mp3 player. back in elementry school I would always take my sugar- kit outside with me and one day I felt low so I went and checked my sugar. I got so extreamly annoyed when this litttle brat looked over and said "WE CAN'T HAVE MP3 PLAYERS!" so I told her it wasn't and she was like, "ooooh really!? then what is it?!" "It's a blood-sugar kit, i'm a diabetic."

needless to say that girl felt a little bad seeing that she was speechless and looked kind of ashamed.

oh god I would be laughing so hard if I saw that

What I do is make mine do Selftest.  It plays a song and everyone lookds at me like I am going to die.  Hehehehehe

Me too! i get that all the time. I also have the same Insulin pump as you.