Sooo i stumbled upon this site tonight in my random T1 searches. i was diagnosed in october. i'll be 23 next week. i don't really have a good support system as my mom had a stroke and all the attention is on her. i just need people that understand and that will help me through this awful depression i'm feeling.

Hi Sarah,

I am so happy you found us! You will meet many great and supportive people here. I can understand a little of what you are going through with your mom. My mom has epilepsy and with my dad being away a lot, I am her main caretaker, ie. driver. Sometimes when she is not doing well (lets just put it that way,) I forget to take good care of myself. People always tell me  " take good care of your mom, she needs you!." I used to get annoyed at that.  But its important for us both to take care of ourselves, regardless.

I'll send you a friend request. If you ever want to talk, let me know. If you use FB and want to talk that's cool too :)

Hi Sarah,

That seriously sucks. I'm sorry about your mom and equally sorry to hear you've been diagnosed as T1. This really is a beautiful web site. And we are ALL here to help you through anything and everything. :)

Hey Sarah,

It's normal to feel the way you are right now, especially with what happened to your mom. I'm sure it is still very new to you as you were only diagnosed in October! Sometimes, attention is not what you want when you come to this, so take advantage of it a little bit, try to find your identity and begin to challenge yourself! It takes time and won't happen overnight. Baby steps to get on the right track! Support IS very important, however. You're absolutely right on that one. I completely understand that without a little attention you don't have the support you need. Make sure they (your family and friends) don't forget that you are trying to take care of yourself as well. You definitely stumbled upon a great website, with a great community, and a strong nucleus of support (check the previous comments above mine, perfect examples!). Take it 1 day at a time and you'll start to feel a little better. Any of us here are open for conversation. Don't hesitate to contact! Stay strong and keep taking care of BOTH your mother and yourself!

thank you. it's been really hard. yes i use facebook a lot.

Hi Sarah, I was dxd with type 1 when I turned 25, getting diagnosed later can be really tough but you will adjust to living your life a new way. I am really sorry to hear about your mom. My mother just passed away suddenly in November, 10 days after the birth of my first child. She was my support system and it has been such a tough adjustment especially when you have a new born and diabetes. My father tries but it's not the same. When I am feeling down I just try to think of things my mom would say to make me feel better. We are always here to help if you need to vent. Hang in there it gets better everyday!!

Getting diagnosed later in life seems really unfair and I can relate. In my opinion you have to relearn habits that you would have learned at an earlier age and could have been happily managing for a time before this. Also, as an adult there is more going on in our lives. I myself wasn't diagnosed until I was 19 but didn't fully embrace my diabetes until I was 24. I am my own support system, my parents don't understand or take the time to understand the daily battles I endure with this disease. Please remember that you have this community to listen to. ask advice from and to just understand what you are going through.

I hope this help!


Yes you are not alone! Glad you found this place. Yes, being dx'ed as adult is such a change. As EDE331 said you have been living one way then bang! You're having to learn so much and a new way to live. I really know and understand! I was dx'ed almost 5 years ago. Me? I was dx'ed type 1 in ICU, DKA, bs of 672 and a1c of 13.3 and the best part I got to do this at age 52!  Also to top this off after 33+years into being type 1 my diabetes did strange things now, I have been, dx'ed type 2, unknown and now 1.5!!! LOL What a ride I am having. Friend me and you read some of my story and posts. Haven't been here in a while, I am back now and will post why I haven't been here. It's quite a story!

Again Welcome you found a good place for support and help! Ask questions, we all here understand!    

LOL I really should proofread better. Correction: not 33+ years but 3+ years.  

that sounds so much like my parents too emily. it's awful because i  feel like i could really use some support with the awful depression i am in.

thanks keith. i hear about people having numbers in the 700s and i'm like gosh! mine were at 500 when i found out. i was freaking out cause i was peeing so much haha

LOL I know that one!! For me I went blind, sick like super flu, lost 25 lbs. in a week, stopped being able to taste sweet, severe dehydration  and that oh so common one peeing every hour like a horse!! My 672 was a small miracle, at least that what the dr.'s and nurse's said . LOL the nurse's were calling we Sweetie!!!