Uhm, so how smart is this?

I've just made the decision to do a half-marathon a year from now (13 miles).  I'm on a pump and my A1C is finally getting to the normal range... also, I've been losing some weight, but still have a ways to go to fit into the "healthy" category.  Have any of you tried doing a long-distance run/walk like this before?  What was your strategy?  I have NEVErR been a runner, but I have been working at it, and right now I can run 2 miles without a break, as long as I drink some OJ or something beforehand.  I'm wondering how often I'd need to eat glucose tabs during this, or what to eat beforehand.  I haven't discussed this with my doctor yet... but I have a year to train, so I think I will be able to do it!

i think if it's something you want to do then just do it.

take a look at the basal reduction guides, you can reduce your basal insulin before a 13 mi marathon and you won't drop as fast as you are now.   low glycemic carbs are good for marathons because it doesn't send you to 300 and then disappear.  a plate of pasta (for example) maybe 60 -100 grams carbs worth about 1 hour before a marathon will allow you to get a steady slower supply of fuel.  I find biker power bars have the right mix.  water is also key for long duration. 

instead of downing OJ and doing the spike then run to go low thing, try to keep your blood sugar normal during your 2 mile runs.  you'll see what it takes. test a lot.   as you work up to it you may find ways of staying under 150 -200 at start and not going low at all.  for my bike rides I like an empty stomach and a starting glucose of 150 minimum.    45 minutes before I ride I reduce my basal to 10% because my rides are more like sprints/rest than one long burn.  I keep the basal low for 1-2 hours afterward but I have to watch out for a fast rise after 2 hours if my basal is still set low.

good luck, like everything else with D it takes learning.

Thanks for the advice!  I actually have been taking off my pump before I run - a. because it jostles around and is annoying and b. because when I'm working that hard, it seems unnecessary.  Good point about the power bars; I haven't tried those.  Oh and I'm up to 3 miles now, as of tonight!  Evidently posting that I can do 2 made me want to push harder tonight.  So now that I've posted that I can do 3....

I've never done a half marathon, but some cross country practices I did got close to one.  I always took my pump off and tried for a starting sugar level around 200mg/dl.  Carb loading the day before seemed to help.  Since this will be a long race, I think you are better off being safe with a higher starting bg and planning to not eat sugar unless you need it. Eating and drinking during long runs can make you cramp (or eating dry glucose tabs can make you thirsty, take in too much water, and slow you down).

Maybe if you also say you CAN do the marathon and that there will be NO crazy BG's as you run.... it might motivate you to do so! :D What I do is eat something that has carbs and gets digested slowly. Like milk w/ peanut butter. Or power bars like mentioned before. That way, the carbs are there and they get relesed timley. :)