I just recently switched from the OneTouch UltraMini to their UltraSmart. After having so little options besides checking the actual blood sugar itself on the Mini, I seriously view the UltraSmart as my favorite meter ever.

My love for it kind of died down for a while there - it was just another meter. But I discovered last night how when one is low, the meter talks to the person and at the bottom of the screen it says: Do you need a snack? Sorry, coolest feature ever if you ask me :D

I'm curious who else has this meter and their opinion of it? I may be the only one so infatuated :)

I have the Ping Meter remote. It however does not talk to me. I know it is an incarnation of the Ultra Smart. However, when low I have yet to be asked if I should be eating something. And once your meter starts talking to you, you know you are going low.

i love my ultrasmart, i started with the mini but the move was great for me. i don't use a lot of the options, except for the exercise one if it was intense but it's handy to have those options. i also like that if i had a PC i could download all the info and do graphics and e-mail stuff to my endo if i needed to.

UltraSmarts are awesome! :D  I don't know what I would do if my UltraLink died though (although it is slightly bruised...) - it's great how it sends the numbers straight to my pump!  I liked the Mini, except that it didn't have a very long memory. 

I use the Ping Meter remote too, but I used to use the UltraSmart. It was nice.

I have that meter as well.  It is like the Cadillac of meters.  You can store A1C's, holesterol, and other blood test results in it.  It gives you a ton of tracking capabilities so you can follow your glucose history, or provide it to your doctor.  But it also works as a regular meter so if you use it that way, it stores your info, but does not bog you down with details.  One of the best things I love is that One Touch uses the same strips with ALL of their machines... brilliant and cost effective.  I agree for it's size it is the best I have used in over 20 years :)

I totally agree with you Alyssa.  I've switched to other meters in the past, but because of all the info this contains and and being able to incorporate that with my pump info, it makes it a whole lot easier seeing where we have to make adjustments.  Big fan here.