Ultrasound measured 9lbs at 37 weeks and

My doctor recomended a C-Section...I left the doctor's office in tears :(  Her chest is measuring 43 weeks and her head is measuring 37 weeks.  I am pretty sad because I have maintained an A1C of 6.0 -6.5 this pregnancy!  I was just hoping that I could be induced :( But it looks like it would be healthier for me and baby if we have a Section.  I am still pretty sad about it because I really wanted to prove all the non diabetic women out there that I can do it but it looks like I still fit in that category.  I know a healthy baby is still the goal I am just struggling ladies (sniff) any words of wisdom or happy c-section stories would be appreciated...thank you. 

It sounds like you have done a great job with your diabetes throughout the pregnancy. It's frustrating for things to not go the way your wanted them to, but of course what is best for you and the baby is going to be the best option for delivery! This is my first pregnancy. I'm 26 weeks along and really have no idea if I'll end up having a natural delivery or C-section. My doctors and I are going to see how things are going closer to term.

I think something important to remember is that many non-diabtetic women get C-sections for their own and their baby's health as well. My sister-in-law was 26 years old when she had my niece, she has no pre-existing medical problems, but for some reason my niece was still breach (did not flip head down) by 36weeks. So, she had to schedule a C-section for 39 weeks. My sister-in-law was upset that it wasn't going to be natural, but everything went really well for her and my niece.

I think we all want to prove (to ourselves and others) that as diabetic women we can have beautiful and healthy babies, just like everyone else. I think it is important to keep in mind that although we have our unique struggles during pregnancy (and the rest of our lives) and do have certain things that we are at higher risk for, all pregnancies for all women do carry some risk, and if things don't go exactly as we planned it may be related to our diabetes, or maybe it would have happened anyways (especially if your blood sugars have been in great control). My OB keeps telling me what a great mom I am (and I'm not even through my second trimester) because I have had to do more so far in this pregnancy for my baby than many mom's have to do in the first year(s) of their babies lives! So just remember you are doing things the very best you can!

Best of luck!

Nicole, don't feel bad. I'd say you proved to all of the non-diabetic women that you can do it--your good control proves it. There are many, many, many non-diabetic women that have C-sections with no pre-existing conditions, so you are not different. I'd say your pregnancy was a huge success, I hope that I can maintain that good of control for mine. Big babies are born everyday, so try not to worry. You are going to have a healthy baby girl in your arms soon, and all of this concern will just be a faded memory in the future. YOU ARE GOING TO DO GREAT. CONGRATS, and GOOD LUCK!!!

First off, you totally proved to yourself and everyone else that you could do it- you did it!  You kept a GREAT A1C (which is none too easy during pregnancy).  Your baby is healthy, which is every pregnant momma's goal.  When you look at your baby next to someone else's baby who didn't have diabetes, I dare you to tell the difference.  You have done EVERYTHING wonderfully and I hope that you are proud of your accomplishment and how hard you have worked.  It is a zillion times harder to be an expectant mother with diabetes than without- you stress more, you are constantly monitoring, the guilt factor is unbelievable, nothing is the same for more than 24 hours ever, you can't eat what you want when you want (if you are sitting at 200 and want a snickers bar tough luck).  Not to mention all the complications and horror stories you hear all the time.  You have overcome all of these and now you get to meet your precious little girl.  Congratulations!

I am with you- I wanted to prove that I could do it perfectly and that this pregnancy would have no complications.  The thing is, I KNOW I have done everything right.  I still have a big baby boy in there with way too much amniotic fluid.  You know what my high risk OB told me?  "Some people are just destined to have bigger babies, not everyone with a baby over 7 lbs has diabetes."  Like the other ladies here have been saying women without diabetes have c-sections too.  Other women have bigger babies.  There is no way to avoid it.  Pregnancy is messy and ever changing- nothing about it can be planned perfectly.  I am a MAJOR type A personality- pregnancy drives me CRAZY.  I gotta be honest, I am SO envious that you get to plan your c-section.  Although, who knows what will happen in the meantime. ;)

My first son was estimated to be 9 and 1/2 lbs at 38 wks with a BIG head and BIG abdomen- we are talking 90%+.  We scheduled the c-section and then he had other plans.  He was born at 8lbs 13 oz (he did have a big head though...).  The ultrasounds are only so accurate is my point.  

You have done great!  I cannot wait to hear when your little girl arrives.  I hope that you will come back and share all the details of your delivery and how your BG's did and how your sweetheart does as well.  I will be praying for you.


It seems as if you have done your best throughout your pregnancy so don't be disappointed just know that all things happen for a reason and that God already plans it out before we get there. I am a T1 and would pay to be in your shoes. I just recently got excited cuz I was about 20 days late but after taking a blood pregnancy test found ou the I wasn't preggo and the thing with me is my fiancee is a diabetic as well. Ironic huh! So just know that you are Blessed to not have any complications and if having a C-Section is best do it so you can enjoy your new bundle of JOY!

Best wishes to you and your family!