Umbilical cord

when my oldest daughter had her last baby,she thought of doing the umbilical cord thing,where they will store it for you at a cost with the hope the cells can be used one day to help with type 1. Has anyone done this ? We still think about it,is this a waste of money or is there anything to this ??

We saved the cord blood from my youngest son's birth.  I am the birth mother who has Type I.  At the time, the cost was $2,000.00, not cheap, $100.00 annually for storage.  It is in storage by Cord Blood Registry out of California since 2000.  Once we heard about it, we could not pass up the chance, just in case.  My sister has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and I have Diabetes and it was worth the possibility that it could one day cure my child, his siblings, my sister or myself from disease.  Lately there has been more news about using cord blood to cure diseases.  Of course, there are no guarantees.