Un-explained keytones

a few months ago i went in for my 3 month check up and they always have you pee in a cup to test for keytones. when i went in my blood sugar was only 88 and i was fasting cause i had to test my colesterol. but for some reason i had large keytones! nobody at my hospital could figure out why they were there and i never got sick or anything. i was just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else?

There are 'starvation' keytones that come into play if you aren't eating (or aren't eating carbohydrates), but I would not expect them to be there from just fasting overnight.    These are the keytones that show up when people are on the no/low-carb diets like Atkins.

So weird you would post this. I was just thinking this the other day. Being new to this since Feb 2010 I was told to check my ketones. So I did with my blood sugar at 96 I had small ketones. When I began to educate myself it is when your blood sugar is high. Since then with my sugar good I always seem to have trace or small ketones. I have the same question as you. Hope someone has an answer.

I have no medical training, so my first suggestion would be to consult your doctor.  But, here is what I found online.  Ketones can be present, when not explained by hypoglycemia, as a result of stress or exercise.  Here's the article.


Hope you both get it figured out soon.

it was really wierd because the fact that they were already in LARGE stage and of all people that should know it should be my nurse practitioner and she had no idea why. she said it was because i was getting sick. but i never got sick, so maybe it was from stress. i also might have AA which is an autoimmune disease that is ttriggered by stress. thanks!!(:

I used to get ketones ALL THE TIME, when my blood was high, and even sometimes when it was normal. i started drinking a lot of water, to flush them out, and just kept drinking lots of water since then. no ketones! :)

Ketones can be present in the urine due to many things, including stress. Their actual presence isn't something to worry about as long as your body is removing them, which yours was.  Ketones aren't dangerous themselves, but they are a symptom that your body is for some reason burning fat for fuel. Some people, like me, are just more prone to spilling ketones than others.  I never, ever, ever have tested completely negative for ketones.  Did you have a low in the night, or the evening before?  Lows cause stress on the body which can cause ketones too.  Pregnancy causes them too.