Uncontrolled BG

So i'm really excited to have found this forum. I've been a type I diabetic for thirteen years and I'm not going to lie I haven't been the best at keeping myself controlled. I recently found out I was pregnant. I was a bit shocked in all honesty because I wasn't trying. My blood sugars have always been pretty erratic but the week prior to finding i was expecting they were extremely high and hard to control. Since finding out i have tried to be on top of it checking my blood sugars twice as much as normal and trying my best to correct these high BG levels but i can't seem to get good control. Does anyone have any words of advice? I am going to see my endocrinologist this week but I'm feeling really scared because of all the information I've looked up on diabetes and pregnancy and our rate of miscarriages due to lack of BG control.

When I first got pregnant my A1c was a 6.7 (now a 6.5) but if you actually looked at my BG log the numbers weren't so good. Very erratic like you said. I had lots and lots of spikes in the 200's and 300's, despite testing more frequently. My first appt. with an OB, I left in tears. He told me my numbers were horrible and I had to try harder and that my "lack of control" could cause a miscarriage or birth defects. I felt awful about myself! I found another OB, one that was much more optimistic and I am now almost 25 weeks with a healthy little girl. I have had 5 ultrasounds, go for another next Friday. I've had 3 different specialists look at the ultrasounds and at this point no birth defects are detected.

This is not an easy road. It's hard work. I test normally 8-10 times a day, sometimes I'll even test if I wake up during the night to pee. My OB is about 45 minutes east of me and my endo is about 1 hour west of me. They are at different hospitals and I have to travel to both. I also see an eye doctor every 3 months during this pregnancy. I'm not going to lie, I've been VERY emotional at times. I get so upset when I see a bad spike, one time I also had a trace of ketones. And when I started my 2nd trimester I went thru a bad stage of insulin sensitivity, causing lots of horrible lows. But really, there is just nothing you can do other than try your hardest. Test your blood frequently. If you're low, bring it back up! If you're high, take a correction dose asap! As long as you are trying your best to maintain good numbers, then you're doing well.

Best of luck and please keep us updated!

thank you! the encouragement is much needed! its a scary burden that's placed on us but i'm glad to see the hopeful side of it all :) i look forward to chatting with you and getting feedback from others as well i'm very glad i joined this group!

The best advice I have received is that you can't beat yourself up. Stress is not good for your sugars or the baby. Are you on a pump or a CGM? They are both great tools that allow you to really fine tune your treatment. Definitely keep us updated. Pregnancy with T1 is challenging, but it's great to see that there are so many women on here going through the same challenges that you are. Plus, there are so many of us that so far, are having healthy pregnancies. I'm 22 weeks and so far things are looking great with the baby. I found out I'm having a boy!

If you take Lisinopril or any type of ACE inhibitor, stop immediately until you meet with your doctor.  It's linked to birth defects.

Don't feel burdened and overwhelmed, just start taking care of yourself and your baby.  Eat well.  Test a lot.  Get some exercise once the 1st trimester tiredness goes away.  If you don't use a pump consider getting one.  It will allow you to correct quickly.  It will help you a lot to use a CGM or test a lot.  Lows are as bad for your baby as highs.  When I was pregnant I had a target blood sugar of 80 but tested often to ensure I didn't get low since I didn't have much of a buffer.

It is really important to get your blood sugars as good as possible.  However, I was always a little suspicious of the statistics.  Think some of the research includes old data, before modern diabetes management options like insulin pumps, carb counting, glucose monitors were available.  And most studies don't clarify whether they include type 1 or type 2 moms or both.  

The best diabetic pregnancy book is "Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby" by Cheryl Alkon.  

Congratulations!  This is such a great time.  By the time you are 4 weeks into your pregnancy you'll be able to hear your baby's heartbeat!    

thanks everyone i feel much better. i checked my BG about every 1 to 2 hours today and managed to keep my blood sugar between 80 and 140 which is the best they have been yet :) now i just need to keep that up! I am on a the pump luckily and i love it and i will be reattaching my censor asap!  i have my first OB appointment next friday which will put me at about 5 weeks so i'll be hearing my babys heartbeat for the first time i'm very excited!

hi everyone!!

 My hubby and i are TTC and have been since march. Im on day 45 of my cycle but have had a neg serum preg today and abviously no period:( my last cycle came on day 38 and the previous one on day 39. but the last 3 or 4 days my blood sugars have been CRAZY!! im waking in the 200s doing corrections and still high( i wear a pump). i ate bkfast this am a protien bar something i have eaten every am, then 4hrs later i was 333!!! I then ate a small chix breast and sald for lunch, 2 hrs later im 258, so again i corrected then dropped to 67, then before supper 56. AHHHHHH. i have no clue whats going on. These wacked sugars have just come out of nowhere . My BS were fantastic before these last few days. I even changed my battery, resivor, and infusion set thinking mabe there is a kink or plugg??. Is it just my hormones?? i dont recall in the past my sugars going crzy like this before by period comes?? But where is my period if i have a neg urine and serum preg test?? im just sooooo confused:(

been undergoing any unusual stress? or taking  any new supplements? i know when i added chromium to my regimen it dropped me too low and i had to stop taking it. another thing that can cause crazy blood sugars is having an infection of some kind..those are the only things i can think of that may be affecting your BG. i would see your endocrinologist if your numbers don't improve. good luck!!