Uncontrolled type 1 and Pregnancy

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant. This was not a planned pregnancy. I have had Type 1 for 10 years now. I just started to take better care of myself little over a few months ago. I went on the pump and it has changed me a lot. I have had a1c average about 13 every time. Im scared that this pregnancy will not go well. I have an appt. this week. But wanted to get advice from the source itself. I am wondering if there was anyone who has had uncontrolled diabetes for years and have gone through a pregnancy( good or bad) And ways to help the pregnancy for the future. thank you

I'm sorry no one responded to you when you posted this a couple months ago. I just barely found this website and joined. I am pregnant right now. I'm so sorry that your a1c has been so high and that you have been worried about being pregnant. Even though my a1c wasn't that high when I got pregnant, I totally understand the feelings of worry and guilt. How are things going now?

Hello Brit,  looking for an update on how you're doing! Looking to get pregnant soon and would like your insights :)  Hope it's going well!

HI Brit,

I have a 6 month old baby now and my pregnancy was planned, but it happened a lot sooner than my husband and I were planning for.  At the time my A1c was averaging about 12.  So I had the same concerns you did.  I ended up having to quit working because needing to control my diabetes took up a lot of my time and efforts.  It became more than a full time job.  I found a wonderful perinatology team who took really good care of me.  That is very key.  I was going to the doctor just about once a week and having all kinds of tests done frequently.  Although, it racks up in medical expenses, it is well worth it in the end.  My baby boy is healthy, smart, and strong.  During pregnancy, I was able to bring my A1c down to a 6.3 and honestly the pregnancy was not an easy ride for me, nor did it give me that beautiful glow.  I had troubles with my blood pressures and my kidneys were jeopardized (something I still have to be adamant about caring for now) and I was borderline preeclampsia.  I kept a blog about my journey through the whole pregnancy if you'd like to read it.  I tried to detail every up & down I had with my diabetes & the pregnancy.  I do need to enter in the very last end of the journey however.  It got kind of crazy during the labor & delivery (nothing too scary, but definitely not what I had expected).  Here's the link to my blog:  artbydy.wordpress.com/.../a-journey  

While everyone is different, just make sure to follow your doctor's advice and try not to stress or worry too much.  Both Diabetes & Pregnancy are unpredictable, it's inevitable, so all you can do is your best.  So long as you are aware that you want your baby to be safe & healthy as well as yourself (because your baby can't be safe if you aren't either), you will have no problems keeping control.  I found that I was in my best control during pregnancy because I feared for the baby.  It's much harder to stay in control after birth because your routine is obsolete when trying to find a schedule with the baby.  This is a different story I will most likely blog about as well whenever my baby allows me to have more time.  

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want to rant.  I will totally relate to the frustrations.  Best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS!!!