Hello and thank you all for your information and support on this forum! My 13 year old daughter, Eva was diagnosed 3 months ago and is still getting balanced with her glucose levels. Thankfully, she has a great attitude about this big life change. I was wondering what experiences people have had with healthy weight gain after diagnosis. Eva had not gained any weight or height for the year prior to diagnosis and has not gained yet since starting treatment. She remains very thin and I hope she will be able to gain some strength and weight soon.

I was underweight at diagnosis as well.
I managed to put on 45 well needed pounds thanks (in large part) to insulin and keeping my blood sugar down.

Good to hear, Andy, thank you!

@cminer hi Cathleen. Try to get an appointment with a CDE that has a good grasp of nutrition. Once you guys learn about insulin, gaining weight is a matter of upping calories including protein and carbs and increasing insulin to cover it. More food and more insulin equals weight gain.

That is a wonderful idea. Thanks, Joe!

My 13-year old son was diagnosed a year ago. He also had probably missed some growth in the year prior. About 6 months after diagnosis, he started eating A LOT and sleeping A LOT. At his next diabetes appointment, we found he had grown 3 inches and gained several pounds in just 3 months. We definitely had to stay on top of insulin levels. They changed a lot with puberty setting in and his growth spurt.

Thank you, Denise. That is very encouraging to hear about your son the same age! I hope he is continuing to thrive and feel well. Eva’s glucose levels at bedtime are still running high, but we hope to have some stable days soon, with the dosage changes. And, yes, puberty is such a whirlwind!