Unexpectedly pregnant, could use some Chicago dr recommendations?

I just found out I am pregnant, and it was totally unplanned.  My husband and I moved to Chicago about a year ago, and I've had very little success finding doctors.  I know I'm going to need a bunch of really supportive ones now, so I thought I would see if anyone in this group was from the area and had good (or bad) experiences with doctors during their pregnancy.

I am not sure if you are looking for an endo or not there, but Dr. Patrick Zeller is AMAZING.  I saw him from the time I was diagnosed at age 10, to when I moved out of the area when I was 22.  I even traveled back to have visits with him when I first moved away.  He also has a NP named Deb who was absolutely fantastic.  They were always very understanding and encouraging.  They are located in Wheaton, IL...so just a little outside the city.  I highly recommend!

I have a good endo, but that's the only Dr I've got at the moment.  I'll keep him in mind though, I've lost a few endos who decided to go and do full time research so it's always good to have some other people in the area just in case.

Did you ask your endo for a good OBGYN recommendation?  That worked great for me.

I'd ask your Endo if you trust them.  They must have had previous patients with type 1 who've gone through pregnancy.