Unexplained Infertility

Hey guys,

My husband and I have been technically trying for only 2 years with a few months off in the midst, but I've been off birth control with him for about 3 years.  I always had this feeling that there was something wrong, because over the years of being diabetic, on and off birth control and sexually active, I never had any pregnancy scares; I did, but they turned out to be stress related late periods.

My periods have been predictable, on time to a T, like clockwork, I have good LH surges.  We'd been using the ovulation predictor kits since 2 months into trying and this past fall, we tried clomid at 50 mg days 5-9 for a few months with no results, that's when we stopped actively trying because I couldn't handle the emotions anymore.  Every month I'd wait for AF to be late and even if it was just by a day, I got excited, didn't help that clomid can make you late and feel pregnant to begin with.  I can honestly say we've never once been officially pregnant, it's as if something in me is either making the egg and sperm not meet.  I've been through an HSG, no blockages or scar tissue, nothing, all clear.  My bloodwork is normal and my husband's first SA was normal(he just submitted a new one last week that we're waiting on the results).  The only thing off is my a1c which was once 6.6 a few months ago is up to a 7.8.

We met with the fertility specialists earlier this month and he told us we're going to start IUI treatment, went through all their preliminary testing, now awaiting our follow up appointments and have been in contact with a recommended CDE and maternal/fetal medicine specialist that is working closely with me to get my a1c in tight range.

My question here is how many people have been through the IUI process and did it work for anyone?  I'm going to a facility that's in the top 1% with the highest success rates for both IUI and IVF in the country (Shady Grove Fertility) and it all looks promising as they typically do clomid on day3-7, an fsh shot and a hcg.  Our insurance covers IUI 6 times at 100%, my worry is it won't work and we don't have the money for IVF, which I know they have a 55% success rate with and is almost guaranteed to work, whereas with IUI and unexplained fertility it runs from 10-20% chance per cycle.

The other good news I got was from my CDE telling me that diabetes does not harm your fertility, we may have wonky immune systems attacking our pancreas, but it's not attacking our reproductive system.  I just wish I knew what was going on with my body and why in the almost 10 years I've been sexually active, not once has their been an inkling and really hoping IUI works.